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Tyson Beckford’s ex-girlfriend weighs in on his fight over her

Photo Credit: Instagram - @tysoncbeckford

Photo credit: Instagram – @tysoncbeckford

It was quite the shocking story last month when reports revealed that Tyson Beckford got into a fight with DJ Ruckus over his ex-girlfriend, model Shanina Shaik. Since then, Beckford has remained mum on the incident, but now Shaik is speaking out and explaining what she thinks of the fight.

As previously reported, Beckford and Shaik dated on and off from 2008 to 2015. After their split, Shaik began dating their mutual friend, Ruckus, whom she met in 2014. In less than a year, Ruckus proposed to Shaik and the two are now engaged.

Shanina Shaik & DJ Ruckus - 2nd Insta Cover

Photo credit: Instagram – @shaninamshaik

Beckford and Ruckus have had beef ever since and things came to a head last month at Up & Down nightclub in NYC when Ruckus and Beckford spotted each other and Ruckus flipped Beckford off. Beckford then walked up to Ruckus and allegedly said, let’s “take it out in the street.”

Beckford and Ruckus ended up arguing outside and a guard was able to pull them apart momentarily, but eventually a fight broke out between the two men. Things allegedly got so bad that Beckford ended up on top of Ruckus and began pounding away at him. That’s when sources say that one of Ruckus’ friends jumped in and began punching Beckford in the head.

According to media reports, Shaik recently spoke about the fight in a new interview and explained that she doesn’t understand why Beckford was holding a grudge against Ruckus.

“I think there’s no future with us and he [Beckford] knows that. I was working overseas so this is all brand new to me,” Shaik explains, saying that she was shocked when she discovered what happened.

“I think there were just unresolved issues that he needed to resolve,” said Shaik when she was asked why the fight went down.

Despite the fight, Shaik says that she doesn’t hold any grudges toward Beckford.

“I wish him all the best and I wish him much happiness, like my fiancé and I,” Shaik said before adding that she hasn’t spoken to Beckford in over a year.

Well, like Shaik said, we hope this is the end of Beckford and Ruckus’ feud and that these two men can be adults about the situation and just move on.


  1. guest on June 3, 2016 at 2:48 pm

    He doesn’t even want her. He’s just mad because his ego was bruised.

  2. britishrose on June 5, 2016 at 10:30 pm

    true beckford is to old to be beefin over a sand fly .. arab ghad bitch all these pretty sista and they fighten for someone whom arab family will hang them rather than hug tha black butts ignorance is bliss being a model does not make you royal its a high paid fantasy at a heavy cost … til ur looks fade then u have no skills to live on lol and what the hell else she do?