Here are 6 signs that your man might be gay

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It’s a sad fact that many people enter into relationships not fully aware of what makes them happy sexually. Both men and women suffer when their partner decides to be unfaithful with a person of the same sex. But it rarely just happens out of the blue; there are subtle signs that often indicate something is wrong.  Here are a few to watch out for:

  1. There is a change in intimacy. A change in frequency of sex and a lack of desire for sex with a female partner. He might say the female is too aggressive or demanding for sex. This may mean he is enjoying different sexual habits.

  2. Homophobic rants and attitude- He could be over compensating because of guilt and display aggressive homophobic actions to hide his secret desires or questions.

  3. He has a gay best friend- Your significant other may a have friend who you know is gay and suddenly the two are spending more and more time together. Perhaps he’s so drunk he has spent more than one night at his gay friend’s house rather than drive home.

  4. He drastically changes his appearance- A sudden and dramatic change to flamboyant clothes or tight jeans may mean he is trying to get the attention of someone else.  Trying to become more attractive to that person and displaying different mannerisms.

  5. Watches gay porn- If you find that he is watching gay porn it means he is attracted to men.

  6. He goes out drinking at a known gay bar on a regular basis. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and if he finds the company of gay men appealing in a sexually charged atmosphere it could lead to encounters with other men.

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