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Is Andy Cohen leaving ‘Watch What Happens Live’?

Photo Credit: Instagram - @bravoandy

Photo credit: Instagram – @bravoandy

For years, Bravo host Andy Cohen has made himself a household name as the host of Bravo’s nightly talk show “Watch What Happens Live,” interviewing not only some of Bravo’s most famous reality stars, but also some of Hollywood’s biggest A-list celebrities as well. But rumors are now claiming that Cohen may be ready to walk away from the hit show and move on to daytime television.

According to media reports, Cohen has been doing double duty as he’s been juggling hosting “WWHL” while also working on a new Bravo show called “Look Who’s Hosting Live,” which will focus on various celebs taking over the hosting reins for Cohen on occasion.

“[Look Who’s Hosting Live”] turns the tables on celebrities who have envied his job and gives them the ultimate opportunity to host their own live late-night talk show, for one night only,” wrote Variety about the show.

Celebs will reportedly even have the reins to select their own sidekicks and guests and even create their own skits and monologues for the show.

“Andy is over [‘Watch What Happens Live’],” a source said. “He’s been doing that show forever. He wants to do other things. Taping every night at 11 p.m. is cramping his style.”

Sources claim that Cohen really enjoyed his time as a recent temporary co-host at “Live,” which lost co-host Michael Strahan weeks ago after he jumped ship to “Good Morning America.” The sources claim that Cohen wants to succeed Strahan and have a permanent seat next to the show’s longtime host Kelly Ripa.

However, Bravo executives recently spoke out about the rumors and claimed that they are false.

“This is untrue. ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen as host is continuing on the network and [was] recently renewed for another season,” said Bravo.


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