H Street Community Development Corp. building affordable housing in DC

Photo courtesy of HSCDC
Photo courtesy of HSCDC

Anthony R. Agnew, an asset manager with H Street Community Development Corporation, is committed to providing affordable housing for the residents of Washington, D.C. Read on to find out about the HSCDC’s mission and their future projects.

What is the vision of the Barrow Milestone development project for the community?

The community vision of the Barrow Milestone development project is to have affordable housing with the District of Columbia that is modern, energy efficient and public transit convenient.

Give a brief description of your career at H Street.

I have been with HSCDC since February 2014 overseeing all the company’s physical properties, residential and commercial. I served as assistant project manager to Eric P. Jones [the project manager], who is known as “The Icon” within HSCDC. He has served over 20 years in this capacity and has been responsible for overseeing 334 units developed — residential and commercia — from conception to completion.

What are the features of the Barrow Milestone Residential development?

The features of this development are energy-efficient units, with individual washers/dryers, garage parking, two blocks to metro train, three blocks from grocery store, [and] other retail stores and family restaurants.

What does this development represent for community developers in urban areas like H Street?

This development represents a much-needed trend that can be duplicated in all urban cities.

What community development partners collaborated with you to make Barrow Milestone residential urban community development project a reality?

HSCDC partnered with the E and G Group a local development company that has been in business since 1982.

What are the three keys to success for modern urban community development corporations maintaining growth and competitive?

Having an executive director that’s very knowledgeable of the development industry, with strong banking/financial relationship, clear vision and exceptional leadership skills. A strong, unified board of directors that believes in and supports the executive director along with his team. The right staff is very important as well. This team of individuals must be able to be task-oriented and focused on the big picture while paying attention to every detail.

What are the long term impact that the Barrow Milestone Residential project will have on the Washington DC community?

It will provide great quality of living to residents who desire to live in the District of Columbia at a price they can afford.

What are a couple of the future projects for the H Street Community Development Corporation?

While continuing our efforts to increase the number of affordable units throughout the District of Columbia, HSCDC is currently working on plans to construct two hotels within D.C. We are also looking at developing approximately 35 single family homes that will be classified as affordable housing.

What are the human development projects that H Street Development Corporation provides to the Washington, D.C., community?

HSCDC provides a great youth program called the Global Scholars Foundation. We realize there is more to developing a community than brick and mortar, the key ingredient is the people within the community. Thus, we chose to help develop the youth. The program is designed for D.C. public and charter high school students ages 14 to 18 years of age. You can visit us at www.globalscholarsfoundation.org.

Finish the sentences:

H Street Community Development Corporation serves the community by …

Making sure the less fortunate are remembered and provided quality housing in a market that is growing by leaps and bounds cost wise when seeking housing.

Cutting the ribbon lets me know H Street Community Development Corporation is …

HSCDC can fulfill its objective to “Preserve affordable housing within the District of Columbia” and lead the charge.

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