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Is Khloe Kardashian fed up with Lamar Odom?

Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian's Instagram (@khloekardashian)

Photo Credit: Instagram – @khloekardashian

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom certainly haven’t had it easy in both their marriage and their friendship. As a couple, they endured damaging rumors and even a separation, and as friends they’ve endured an even greater battle with drug use that nearly left Odom six feet under. And although the pair has weathered many storms together, news reports now claim that Khloe is cutting Odom off.

As previously reported, Khloe originally decided to leave Odom and file for divorce in 2013. However, when Odom nearly died from a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel last October, Khloe immediately put a halt on the divorce and vowed to remain by his side while he recuperated from all of his injuries.

After a few months, Odom seemed to have breezed through his physical rehabilitation and he spoke with the press about his marriage and shared that he still hadn’t given up on reconciling with Khloe. However, hopes for a reunion between the couple were dashed back in April when photos of Odom drinking at bars began showing up in multiple news stories. Later reports also claimed that drug paraphernalia was found in Odom’s home.

By then, Khloe was desperately trying to get Odom to undergo rehab treatment for drug and alcohol abuse. However, Odom reportedly refused rehab suggestions from both his estranged wife and his family and friends.

Last month, Khloe made a major decision about her marriage and decided to file for divorce from Odom for a second time, confirming rumors that she and Odom still weren’t getting back together.

But according to new media reports, Khloe is going a step further than just divorcing Odom. According to media sources, Khloe is cutting Odom off and putting major distance between him and her.

The sources claim that  “he [Odom] is using again. So Khloé had to put her foot down and stop helping him out.”

A source claims that Khloe has kicked Odom out of the Calabasas home that she rented for him, which also happens to be in the same neighborhood as the Kardashian family mansion.

The source says that Khloe isn’t happy about distancing herself from Odom, but she feels she has no choice because Odom is, once again, headed down a dark path of addiction and she doesn’t want to hold his hand through it anymore.

“More than ­anything, Khloé wants to be in ­Lamar’s life, but only if he gets healthy,” the source said.

Well, considering that Khloe is divorcing Odom, we wouldn’t be surprised if she did ask Odom to leave the Calabasas home and get his own place. But what do you think of the report? Let us know in the comments.