Laura and Gloria Govan beefing over sex rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram - @lauramgovan
Photo credit: Instagram – @lauramgovan

Sisters Laura Govan and Gloria Govan rose to fame together in the world of reality TV when they starred in the first two seasons of “Basketball Wives LA.” And although they had their issues, it seemed like the sisters were thick as thieves. However, the two ladies have lead noticeably separate lives over the past couple of years and now it’s been revealed that the sisters are beefing with each other over, shockingly, Laura’s ex, Gilbert Arenas.

According to media reports, the drama started earlier this week when Laura spoke about her current relationship with her sister and explained that their relationship is in tatters at this point. As Laura began to explain the strain between them, she hinted that what divided them may have been that Gloria allegedly slept with Arenas.

“I think there are answers that don’t have to be a yes or a no. When it is what it is,” Laura said. “To be honest with you — I’m writing a book and there’s certain things I can’t talk about yet.”

Laura was then asked if she helped Gloria and her current ex, Matt Barnes, get together so that Gloria would leave Arenas alone.

“That is true. that’s what I did. It was something I was going through and we were younger. …There was a lot of f—ery going on in the relationship. …There’s a lot of s— that I went through, with my sister and dealing with this situation. When I hooked them up — she was a thorn in my a– when I was in a relationship with Gilbert. … And her friends. … It was a lot,” Laura said.

Laura goes on to say that she tried to keep the peace with her sister, but was unsuccessful in keeping their relationship healthy.

“It was almost like …I would try — we’re sisters let’s be cordial, let’s be cool and it just didn’t work …,” Laura said.

Well, it didn’t take long for Gloria to catch wind of Laura’s comments and she fired back a response in a now-deleted Instagram post. Read what Gloria had to say after the cut.

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