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‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner Bob The Drag Queen talks Orlando shooting

Photo Credit: Bob The Drag Queen's Instagram (@bobthedragqueen)

Photo credit: Instagram – @bobthedragqueen

It’s been an extremely difficult and sad week for many people across the nation in the aftermath of Omar Saddiqui Mateen’s anti-gay Orlando shooting massacre that left 49 clubgoers at Pulse nightclub dead and 53 more people injured. Many celebrities have voiced their sadness and concern over the shooting, as well as their support for the LGBT community. Now, one of the LGBT community’s own rising stars, Bob The Drag Queen, has opened up about the massacre and is sharing words of hope for the world.

In a new video clip with Logo, Bob, who recently won season 8 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” speaks about enduring the tragedy of the Orlando mass shooting and explains how people across the nation can be activists for change and healing just by being brave.

“Not living in fear is a form of activism,” Bob says in the video.

“Activism doesn’t always mean laying in the streets and getting arrested and shouting ’hell no, we won’t go’ at the top of your lungs. Sometimes it can be just as much as going to meet your friends and singing karaoke, where someone thought they were going to be able to scare you into not doing that — but you did it anyway, and you prevailed.”

In another clip, Bob directly addresses the LGBT community and sends out a reminder that it is resilient and strong can weather the storm of this shooting.

“If queer people are nothing, we are strong, and we will persevere through it all. Look to the people who inspire you, and let them be the ones who are out there still making a change and a difference, and not being afraid, not letting terror do its job, but letting love do its job instead.”

It’s definitely powerful to see a star of the LGBT community to speak to uplift people during this time of heartbreak and mourning and we hope that others with influence continue to speak up and help those suffering during this tragedy.