Atlanta entrepreneur C. David Moody shares intimate moments of fatherhood

CD Moody (Courtesy)
The Moodys (Photo courtesy of the Moody family)

Why did you decide it was important to share your personal story?
I decided because I remember how lonely I felt in 1992 when I told my wife I had been sexually abused as a child. I had never told anyone until that day. Shortly after saying those words, I started having panic attacks and a nervous break down. My business was only four years old so I couldn’t stop working. I couldn’t find any success stories of people healing from childhood sexual abuse. I decided I had to help others by sharing my story. I want others to see we can have a happy life and do incredible things regardless of our past.

What help did you receive to allow you to disclose what you had experienced?
I had counseling, love and support from my wife and kids. I grew in faith and put the work in to heal.

What has fatherhood given you?
Fatherhood has given me excitement and energy to do what I can to make the world a better place for all children. Being a father taught me the responsibility I have forever when my children were born. I have to set the example for everything. I love it.

How do you communicate your emotions with your children?
I share all of my emotions in a way that they can feel free to share their emotions with me. I don’t hide my feelings. I have worked hard to make them feel free to share emotions.

How has your wife supported you as a father?
My wife is the rock; she is the one that holds us all together but allows me to look like I am the leader. In reality, she is the leader. We are a great team.

What traits have helped you grow as a father?
Patience in listening to my kids at all times. Compassion and understanding. Allowing my kids to be free to make decisions.

What tradition have you created as a father?
My tradition I have created is to laugh often and have fun with our family. My kids are now adults and come home every Christmas Eve and spend the night. It is a great tradition.

If you were coaching young fathers what three things would you suggest they do with their children or child?
Be available at all times, be patience, motivate them, tell often you love them, hug them daily. Show them your faith and allow them the freedom to choose.

Finish the sentences:

Being a father has allowed me to … grow up and stay young at heart. It allowed me to learn life goes fast and make the most of my time with my kids.

Give your children the best of what you got and what you did not get because … I was blessed to have great parents that gave me love and support. the biggest thing I do a little different was the freedom to share their feelings and make decisions early in life.

I work to communicate with my children as a father because … I want my kids to always feel comfortable to talk with me about anything in life.I want them to pick my brain about my life and I share openly my life. I let them know I am far from perfect.

The best three moments I remember about special things my child has done or said … my son saying I was his main man when he was around 5, my daughter hugging on me and saying I love you daddy. Watching them both graduate from college and live on their own.

I am present in my child’s life because … that is my job, my duty. I want to be in their lives.

Being a father coach to others is … rewarding because I see them light up with hope when I take time to talk or mentor them. I do my best to inspire them to know they can do something incredible with their lives.

As a CEO father, … I am looking [forward] to the next generation taking over and allowing me to spend my time helping others find hope to dream big.

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