Derrick Register, Coca-Cola VP, talks fatherhood

The Register Family, and their respective mothers (Photo courtesy of Derrick Register)

Detroit native Derrick Register is in supply chain leadership for Coca-Cola Refreshments and currently serves as the vice president manufacturing area lead. He’s been with the company for approximately six years and he oversees over 1,600 employees from Michigan to Hawaii. However, his greatest sense of accomplishment comes from being a father to his own two children, daughter Blake, and son Derrick Jr., and a father-figure to his 14-year-old niece, Samantha. He also prides himself on being a loving husband to his beautiful wife, Rajoielle.

As a senior level manager at Coca-Cola Refreshments, Register has proved to be great at displaying leadership on the job. He also strives to be the best leader he can be at home as well. One of his goals as a leader on both fronts is to lead by example, and help to break the cycle of absent fathers in the home. His desire is to help develop and train a future full of leaders for the next generation, both at home and at work.

Rolling out caught up with the busy executive to discuss his views on fatherhood. “The most important aspect of being a father is passing on my faith to my children; ensuring they know the difference between right and wrong and the importance of treating peopled they would like to be treated.”

Check out the rest of Register’s interview below on fatherhood. Read how he’s spending his special day.

What’s your favorite thing about being a father?  

The fact that I have the opportunity to have a positive impact on my family and create a legacy where my children will know how a man should conduct himself and how women should be treated.

The Register “men,” Derrick and Derrick Jr. (Photo courtesy of Derrick Register)

How do you plan on spending Father’s Day this year?

My wife will host dinner for my father-in-law and brothers-in-law at home with the family coming over to celebrate.

What are your prayers for your children? 

I pray that they love God.

Derrick Register and his girls: daughter Blake (8) and niece Samantha (14)

How do you coach or guide your children to prepare them for life?

I encourage them to never quit or give up and to persevere over all obstacles.

What helps you in understanding your children’s behavior of allowing them room for growth?

I think back to when I were a child and the many mistakes that I made and continue to make on a daily basis.  I reflect on how my mother handled things and how she always showed me love and understanding while holding me accountable.

Derrick Jr., Samantha and daughter Blake sharing a happy family moment (Photo courtesy of Derrick Register)

How do you inspire your children to maintain focus in order to win?

Our mantra that we repeat every day – “I can accomplish anything; I am great; I am beautiful; I am intelligent; I am courageous; I love God; my mom; my dad; my brother; and the rest of my family!”

Halloween fun at the Register household (Photo courtesy of Derrick Register)
Brother and sister love from Blake and Derrick Jr. (Photo courtesy of Derrick Register)

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