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Newly appointed CEO of Focus: HOPE, Jason Lee, talks Father’s Day plans


The Lee Family (Photo credit: Jason D. Lee – Facebook)

Newly appointed CEO of Focus: HOP,E Jason D. Lee, is making waves in Detroit. The former executive director of the Detroit Area Pre-College Engineering Program was selected out of 200 applicants by Focus: HOPE’s board of directors to become the next CEO, succeeding William Jones Jr,. who is retiring. Lee will start this position in August. However, Lee was previously appointed the role of loving father by his wife Nicole Lee, over a decade ago, and he says this is the best role he’s ever played.

The Lees have two beautiful children, a girl named Sydney, 11, and a boy named Jordan, 8. Lee says he’s blessed to have his children in his life, as well as fortunate to have his own father in his life. “Being a dad is returning a blessing that was provided to me. I enjoy being able to be a part of their development,” he says of his favorite thing about being a father.

Check out the rest of Lee’s interview below.

How do you plan on spending Father’s Day this year?

Watching the NBA championship, eating and going to church

What’s the most important thing about being a father?

Being present.


The Lee men, Jason D. Lee, son Jordan, and father Jethro Lee  (Photo credit: Jason D. Lee – Facebook)

What is your prayer for your children?

That they become what God has created them to be. And continue to love life and be respectful of others.

In what ways has coaching prepared you to guide your children for life?

I wish there was a playbook to follow. I ask my father and other dads for advice. My wife and I just do the best we can.


Jason and his favorite girl, Sydney (Photo credit: Jason D. Lee – Facebook)

What role does decision making play in being a great coach, father or mentor?

I was always told to think before I act and anticipate. I am hoping they will learn that.

How do you inspire your children to maintain focus in order to win?

It’s a constant battle. I hope I am a good role model in that space. We also practice martial arts and dance. I believe both help with focus.


The Lees practicing martial arts (Photo credit: Jason D. Lee Facebook)


The Lees out and about on a family outing (Photo credit: Jason D. Lee Facebook)