Black Music Month: The healing power of music

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As opposed to examining modern-day critiques centered on commercialization versus creativity, the purpose of this article is to highlight the vast and undeniable benefits of music. Whether stimulated by lyrical content or mesmerizing beats, music moves and empowers us in many ways. It has been shown to increase attention span and memory. It spreads awareness and enhances relationships. It promotes critical thinking and personal reflection. It eases physical pain and reduces stress. Music is celebration. Music is captivating. Music is harmony. Music is protest. Music is purpose. Music is power. Music is liberating. Music is an experience. Music matters. Subjective or objective, fantasy or reality, music just is. People refer to music as their savior, religion, art, drug, therapy, and life. In honor of Black Music Month, this poem reminds us of the healing power of music.

“A Tune for June”

I hear our America singing, everyone has a song
Some lyrics and melodies deliver joy, while others remind us of what’s wrong
I feel the many rhythms, it’s effortless to stay on the beat
Whether trap or drill, second line or bounce, it’s the soundtrack of my street
Music helps me tell my story, it gives my pain a voice
It’s the ointment for my aching heart, my jazz hands when I need to rejoice
My morning motivation, when I need to break a sweat
My push for performance and focus, the spiritual calmness when I fret
The remedy for my weary blues, healthy companion for my soul
Mood elevator, mind regulator; never too loud, never gets old
Music, music, music … I see, hear, feel, and taste
Hip-swangin’ and head-bobbing, both my connector and my escape

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