How a sexual affair between an asst. principal and teacher turned deadly

Photo credit: East Baton Rouge Sheriff ‘s Office

A sexual affair between eomployees at a middle school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, turned deadly. According to reports by WABF, Robert Marks, 39, and Lyntell Washington, 40, met while working at Brookston Middle School.

Marks served as the school’s assistant principal and Washington was an educator who won Teacher of the Year. Marks, who is married with kids, began a sexual relationship with Washington. The affair eventually led to Washington becoming pregnant.

Marks allegedly feared that the pregnancy would destroy his marriage and career. When Washington decided to keep the child and threatened to tell his wife, Marks became upset. He allegedly arranged a meeting with Washington on the evening of June 8. Washington agreed to meet and brought her 3-year-old child.

While meeting, Marks and Washington began arguing and, at some point, Marks allegedly shot Washington. Marks dumped Washington’s body and drove her 3-year-old child to an abandoned parking lot and left her there alone. When authorities discovered the child, the toddler told them that Marks hurt her mother who was now sleep. Days later, Washington’s badly decomposed body was found in a ditch. Marks was eventually arrested and charged with Washington’s murder.

It’s another incident that reveals why it’s important that educators and school administrators go through proper screening. If the accusations are found to be true, Marks showed signs of being a sociopath and should never have been allowed to work with kids. To brutally kill someone in the presence of their child is a malicious crime that is likely to lead to long-term psychological effects on the youngster. It was also cold-hearted for Marks to leave the child in an abandoned parking lot at night.

Along with charges of first-degree murder, Marks was also charged with aggravated kidnapping and child desertion. If Marks is convicted, he could face the death penalty.

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