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Celebrity couples who have kept their love life super private

Photo credit: Jamie Foxx/Facebook

Jamie Foxx/Facebook

In an age where many sell their soul for a good click, divulging all areas of their life no matter the consequences, it’s amazing that anyone can keep any aspect of their life truly private anymore.

While in the past celebs dodged cameras or pulled a switch up, all in the name of privacy, today, more stars have willingly given the world a front row seat to the ins and outs of their daily shenanigans via social media. For most, privacy is a lost art. Then enter stars like Jamie Foxx, Kerry Washington, and Jessica Alba, all of whom seem super tight-lipped about things like their romantic relationships.

Unlike, say, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Khloe Kardashian and her flavor of the week, these celebrity couples aren’t very open about their love lives — so much so that you may not have known they were a couple until they said “I do.” For 7 celebrity couples who have kept quiet about their romance, hit the flip.

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