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Fourth of July: Everything you need to throw an epic ‘House Party’

A repertoire of dance moves Photo credit: Hudlin Brothers

Photo credit: Hudlin Brothers

You’ve received dozens of text messages asking, “Where’s the party at?” Or “Are you cooking?” Only thing is, between work, school, and family, you haven’t exactly been plugged into what’s going down for the Fourth of July holiday. So, you take matters into your own hands.

While your neighbor’s annual shindig, featuring greasy potato chips, franks, brown liquor and meaningless banter may sound appealing (or nah), having the ability or means to throw an epic house party, places the endless hours of indulgent fun in your hands — unlike a noisy, packed club or neighbor’s get together.

Although it may seem like an overwhelming task, pulling people together to enjoy one another’s company isn’t as taxing as it seems. So, without further ado, turn up, show out, and become known as the guy who can draw a crowd with five things you need to throw an epic house party.