Chris Brown responds to Suge Knight lawsuit, publicist quitting

Photo credit: @chrisbrownofficial via Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram – @chrisbrownofficial

Chris Brown is no stranger to controversy, but he got a double dose of it this week when news spread that his publicist quit after he blasted her work ethic and called her a b—-. He also landed in the headlines, once again, when news spread that fellow troubled celeb Suge Knight was suing him over a nightclub shooting. Now, after being blasted in the media over the drama, Brown is finally opening up about the lawsuit and his former publicist.

As previously reported, Brown’s former publicist, PR expert Nicole Perna, reportedly quit after a nasty text exchange between the two in which Brown was allegedly angry that Perna wasn’t getting in touch with magazine editors to promote his new clothing line.

“Anna Wintour doesn’t want to f*** with you. These editors don’t want to f*** with you.” Perna allegedly wrote to Brown, “The majority of my time is spent on damage control. I am constantly cleaning s*** up and having your back.”

“Mike, this b—- got all the balls in the world talking to me but can’t talk to the editors or anyone for that matter when they release bulls*** in the press … Send this b—- her termination,” Brown allegedly wrote back.

Around the same time that this story hit the web, news also revealed that Knight was suing Brown from behind bars, claiming that Brown and the owners of the popular 1Oak nightclub in Los Angeles were responsible for him being shot seven times at a 2014 MTV Video Music Awards pre-party hosted by the singer at the club.

Well, Brown finally responded to all of the accusations yesterday in a lengthy and expletive-filled Instagram post, claiming that he wouldn’t let anyone “Michael Jackson me.”

Photo Credit: Instagram - @chrisbrownofficial
Photo Credit: Instagram – @chrisbrownofficial

“Scroll DOWN through my page and notice how many shows and journeys I’ve gone through and the positive. Then look at the level of bull— that came after. Cmon, ( SEE THE PATTERN) you think I’ma let that stop me? … YALL KEEP FORGETTING HOW MANY TIMES YALL BEEN WRONG. Do you, WIN! Let them figure they shit out. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE CLAIMING TO BE MY “TEAM”, are apart of MIKE Gs TEAM! they all were fired on different occasions. IMMATURE AAND UNPROFESSIONAL HOW THEY ARE CHOOSING TO HANDLE S—. NO F–KIN NEED FOR ME TO HASH OUT ANY SPECIFIC DETAILS, just know people will run up a check and do no work, or even care, THEN ITS YOUR FAULT WHEN U CALL THEM ON IT OR EVEN ASK???UTA HAS BEEN AMAZING, SO HAS LIVE NATION ALONG WITH RCA, ETC….. I BECAME CHRIS BROWN THE DAY I LEFT MY HOUSE On A GREYHOUND BUS TO NEW YORK TO PURSUE MUSIC. I NEVER NEEDED ANYONE FOR MY TALENT. PR??? PLEASE TELL ME FANS, DO YOU REALLY THINK THAT “CHRIS BROWN” HAS HAD A GOOD PUBLICIST?… IMA GO MUTE ON ALL THIS S—. I GIVE MY FANS AN OPPURTUNITY TO SEE MY LIFE, I even roast and comment on the social media bull—- pages for pure excitement and engaging with different people. ALL OF THIS IS A CHOICE, JUST LIKE MY PRESENCE. REMEMBER HOW I GOT HERE, GOOD AND BAD! I GOT ME HERE!!!! Don’t COMPLAIN on my silence. It’s a choice PS. (SHOW THE CONVO THAT GOT HER FIRED, starting with her compliment, )MIKE G WAS ON GROUP TEXT. (PRETTY SURE IT WILL GET PETTIER) y’all have fun wit the bull—-. (THIS IS PLANNED S—). ON MY DAUGHTER, it is. IF S— WAS REAL, ALL THIS S— WOULD HAVE CAME TO A HEAD THE DAY IT HAPPENED(EVEN THE SUGE S—), EXTORTION AND CALCULATED MOVES ARE EVIL AS F—. IM DOING ME FOR ME AND MY KID!!!! YOU WONT MICHAEL JACKSON ME!!!!!” Brown wrote.

What do you think of Brown’s response? Let us know in the comments.

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