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Rosa Armstrong launched online Bombshell Bodega boutique to fill fashion gap

Rosa Armstrong (Courtesy)

Photo courtesy of Rosa Armstrong

Rosa Armstrong is no stranger to hard work and innovation. She sold dollar candies to fund a trip to Ghana. The 30-year-old entrepreneur is crafting a new narrative when it comes to fashion. She’s on a mission to change the world of fashion and how it’s delivered to those who want the latest looks with the Bombshell Bodega, a vibrant, vivacious and busy one-stop shop where one can easily find high-quality, affordable and classy wardrobe pieces. She injects her sense of fashion that is informed by her Afro-Latino heritage to reach the shopper who’s not in the market for clothes that are too revealing or too conservative. The Bombshell Bodega fills that gap.

Bombshell Bodega model (Courtesy)

Bombshell Bodega model (Courtesy)

At Rosa Armstrong’s unique internet storefront,, visitors find fun pieces that enable their personalities to really shine through in a way that is at once playful and sophisticated — including mother-daughter leather jackets and other pieces that are perfect for little girls. An important offering for Armstrong, who has a daughter.

Read what the business savvy graduate of the University of Pennsylvania has to say.

Why did you start your online fashion boutique?
The Bombshell Bodega was started for many reasons, the most important was one I felt as though there were no major brands or sites that reflected my own style, my own take on fashion. I found that clothing today was represented in a way that was too provocative or too conservative. The second most important reason that I found was that items I did find were very poorly made and very much an appropriation of authentic culture and wear. I knew people who were turning out pieces of amazing quality and style that should be available publicly.

Bombshell Bodega model (Courtesy)

Bombshell Bodega model (Courtesy)

How do you choose designers to work with?
The designers that I have worked with and will work with in the immediate future are those that I know personally but I am always on the lookout via social media and welcome inquiries through the site for new designers.

What sets your site apart?
What sets the Bombshell Bodega apart is that it is exclusively inclusive, it is not a site where a woman of any age will find “a look” but a place where you are the look, it is a representation of the modern woman.