V. Bozeman gets personal; talks new single ‘Go,’ Lincoln Now and ‘Empire’

V. Bozeman
Triple threat, V. Bozeman, being Black and bold in this classic but fierce modeling photo (Photo courtesy of V. Bozeman)

V. Bozeman is a triple threat: she acts, dances and “sangs” her behind off. If you haven’t heard her name by now, stay tuned as this young, beautiful and talented artist makes waves in the entertainment industry.

Bozeman became a hot commodity when she was introduced as the feisty R&B diva Veronica in the first season of the award-winning TV series “Empire,” that stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. She continues to hold a recurring role on “Empire” and has assured rolling out that she will definitely be back for season three. But V is continuing to grind as she has other projects in play, such as dropping her new album “Off 85th & Avalon” in the coming month as well as partnering with Lincoln Now: First Listen to preview her new single, ‘Go.’

Rolling out sat down exclusively with the stunning songstress to chop it up about what she has going on in her life right now. Check out the dope interview below as she talks about her partnership with Lincoln Motor Company, her new single “Go” and her return to “Empire.” Bozeman also gets personal and dishes on being Black and bold, her individual style, and tells us how she learned to be confident in her own skin by fully accepting and embracing herself.

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How did the Lincoln Now opportunity come about?

Lincoln reached out because they were doing this new campaign for the 2017 Lincoln MKZ. I think that as far as appealing to a younger audience and demographic, I thought that it was a great opportunity for me to be a part of that whole campaign. I grew up with Lincoln, so it felt like home. I was given the opportunity to let people know about my single that’s coming out, “Go.” And also Lincoln got the chance to take advantage of reaching out to another demographic. So, it all works on both ends.

V. Bozeman standing in front of the 2017 Lincoln MKZ (Photo courtesy of Lincoln)

How does Lincoln fit with your brand?

I think Lincoln has a new look to them now, and I think they will appeal to young people. I mean the sound system is amazing. They have all different features with the sound system. You get a demoed sound, or you can get a concert sound, where it sounds like you’re in a concert hall. It’s the bomb. The whole way it looks, from the sleek headlights to the taillights — it’s sexy. The car is very sexy.

How do you best describe your sound and your brand of music?

My sound is what I call “young soul.” That’s what I like to call it. Because I’m still a young lady from South Central LA, so you definitely hear the “Cali-isms,” but you still hear that good quality soul that I think should balance out the music industry more than it has in the past.

This year, you get a chance to perform at the Essence Festival for the first time. That’s huge. How does that make you feel?

I’m so excited. I always loved going to the Essence Festival. It’s just a great vibration. I get to perform my new single, I get to perform new songs that people haven’t even heard of yet. I’m always happy to share and just connect with my people.

Does fame feel like you thought it would? Is it what you expected? Describe the feeling.

It is what I thought it would be. It’s what I expected as far as being busy and having to be focused. Not that I’m complaining about any of it, but it’s a lot, so I think that I prepared my mind and emotionally prepared for all of this for so many years. I’ve been under so many great people that have sown so many great jewels into me from Babyface, to Cee Lo Green, to Timberland, so I definitely prepared for this and I’m ready. I know I’m supposed to be here. I just know what I’m supposed to be doing. So, it actually all feels natural.

A beautiful Bozeman capturing the essence of beauty as she catches the sunlight (Photo courtesy of Lincoln)

Describe your last three previous jobs before you hit your big break and became famous.

I used to vocal produce for Polow da Don, I was in a girl group called Mahogany and before that I was in college working as a secretary in the career center.

I read somewhere that you used to have long hair, but you wanted to distinguish yourself from others. How do you best describe your look? And why the bald head?

I just think it’s Black and bold, and I’m Black and bold. I’m very proud of where I’m from and who I am as a Black woman. Really, before I cut my hair, it’s not like I was planning to reintroduce myself as this bald-head artist or anything, I just really wanted to grow a healthy mane of hair after my girl group days were over — I was like “OK I’m going to cut all my hair off and I’m going to grow it back.” And when I cut it off I just found myself in a different light and I loved it! And that’s when I really embraced myself fully. When people saw me embrace myself, I think that’s when everybody else did.

What was the biggest lesson you learned about being comfortable in your own skin?

The biggest lesson is when people see when you understand your light, and you know your light, and you’re comfortable in your skin, that’s when they’ll embrace you. People will come to you like a moth to a flame. You just have to know it, instead of finding it out from other people. Solidify yourself. Accept yourself 100% before anybody can. That’s the lesson that I learned.

Finish the sentences:

When I hit the stage I feel … alive.

When the crowd is responding to my music I know … I’m in the zone.

I appreciate my fans because of the support.

I know music is my calling because God told me.

How would you describe your style of dress when you’re on stage?

It’s really about how I’m feeling. I like to say ‘I wear my clothes, I don’t let my clothes wear me.’ But sometimes I feel like I want to glam up. Sometimes I feel like I want to just be mellow and casual but still fly. There’s flyness on all types of different aesthetics with fashion so, I don’t have a particular way that I like to approach dressing. It’s just how I feel from day to day.

A poised Bozeman, showing off her feminine side (Photo courtesy of Lincoln)

Would you say you’re more of a heels type of woman or a gym shoes type of woman?

I like heels, I’m not going to lie. I mean, I do have my Jordans here and there, but I love me some heels. Those curves in my body start to forming, and my legs start looking all nice and shapely … yes! I love the heels, honey!

Who would you say are/were your three biggest music inspirations?

I would say for sure Whitney Houston is number one, she inspired me first and foremost. I would say the women in my church that nobody would ever know who they are. And I would say Tina Turner. I love Tina Turner. She inspired me a lot as far as her stage presence and what she gave on that stage.

What do you enjoy doing outside of music that helps you to relax or brings you peace of mind?

Girl, I love going to the spa honey! I love going to the spa and getting my scrub down and my milk bath and my sugar exfoliation scrub. Then eating a nice meal and drinking some Jasmine tea, it’s my favorite tea and just going back home with my clean sheets and going to sleep.

What does the future hold for you and “Empire”?

Oh, I’ll be back for season three. My character will have some more depth to her. Hopefully, you won’t just hear me singing this time, you’ll hear me speaking some lines. I love the “Empire” family, so I’ll definitely be a part of that.

What’s next for you?

I’m working on my EP, called Off  85th & Avalon, that will be out towards the end of July, early August. Like I said before, my single out now is called “Go.” I’m in a movie called Howard High and that will be out soon. I’m also doing a movie with Mario Van Peebles right now, so it’s just a lot. I’m just working right now. Just trying to get it all in. And I’ll be doing a promo to promote my EP too.

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