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Are Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert headed for splitsville?

Photo credit: @tamarbraxton via Instagram

Photo credit: @tamarbraxton via Instagram

Are Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert headed for splitsvile?

According to Love B. Scott, the pair of eight years are facing marital woes over claims the singer committed adultery. An unnamed source informed the site Herbert hired a private investigator to confirm his alleged suspicions that the 39-year-old was getting hot and heavy with another “high-profile” star. Although details are limited, the insider went on to claim Braxton is “too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home.”

The allegation comes just weeks after Braxton gave fans an inside look at the couple’s lavish 8-bedroom, 11 bathroom home in Calabasas, California.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the pair, who met in 2003 and later tied the knot in November 2008, have been entangled in divorce rumors. In March, Braxton’s cryptic Instagram messages led fans to believe there was trouble in paradise. While posting love quotes during a vacation, she also shared a snap without her wedding ring.

Meanwhile, neither camp has commented on the rumors.

One thing we can say — it’s been one roller coaster year for the television personality. In late May, Braxton was fired from “The Real.”

“I love u all but I have been stabbed in the back by someone I stupidly trusted (not my man or my sisters) I am not about to be tried and tested to snitch (?) and it’s not in good taste to tell you who…… but as #tamartians you are very smart and can figure things out on your own. But know that everyone who smiles in your face is NOT your friend and is NOT cheering for you and will LIE and try and tear u down to TRY and dim your light. Thank GOD HE HOLDS MY FUTURE AND MY HAND! (Remember who u are) …. I am Tamar Braxton. And if you thought for 1 sec u played me….” she shared via Instagram, leading fans to believe someone close to her on the show had stabbed her in the back.

She added, “In the late great prince and the amazing Beyoncé voice you PLAYED yourself? to God be the Glory and I will be taking a short break from ALL social media…until then❤️ yourself and WATCH YOUR BACK (I put this picture up because this is the embrace I got from my sister and best friend that she ALWAYS gives when she knows I’ve been had).”

Then, a source told the Daily Mail it was actually Braxton’s bad behavior that weighed heavily on “The Real’s” decision to part ways with her – for instance, a recent temper tantrum: “‘It was an ugly scene. Pinterest was sponsoring the segment and Tamar was genuinely upset she was losing the game. She really acted out during the taping in front of the studio audience and then exploded behind the scenes once the show was done. Producers had to heavily edit the segment to make it presentable to air on TV, but the sponsor was on set for the segment and witnessed it all.”

Although Steve Harvey swooped in to save the day, giving Braxton her very own radio show, the recent rumors of an affair will certainly strip all joy of recent success. What are your thoughts about Braxton and Herbert going their separate ways? Sound off in the comment section below.

Update: Tamar Braxton took to Instagram in response to recent divorce rumors.

After all these years he STILL hates when I sing in his ear? #Tamar&Vince❤️

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  1. cupcake333 on July 17, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    they are really after vince and tamar makes it easy vince was also fired as executive producer so to dump tamar he had to go DEAL DONE .. those mafia owned tv executive with tie to cia and corruption and stealing prince will , and killing micheal j and prince are some dirty bastards , tamar was trying to be what tony was to black america , she has a great voice but wrong management, if clive davis and LA REED them THE ILLIUMINATI A TEAM .. can get her from vince she would have been huge .. and america would NOT BE LAUGHING AT HER .. WHO THE HELL ON A TALK SSHOW GETS FIRED????? RED FLAG CLUE

    ITS all about shaming the braxton brand and putting vince in his place .. notice they didnt fire vince??? cause he could sued the hell out of them THEY PAID HIM TO STEP DOWN DUE TO TAMAR AND HE SAID PAY ME FOOL!! VINCE IS SMART .. and when tamar leave him .. he will be good he got masters to her shit.. and she will have that kids check .. and no real career .. shes not funny and cant act being a personalty only goes so far and she will not be on no radio long cause shes a singer . . she need to get back in studio and learn dance and do a beyonce like show with nicky minaji .. ifeel sorry for her cause when your hit that hard in fake tv your friends will just mess you up .. why is she on vacation wth fake housewive kandi tiny them??? she need to get a smash hit and get back in the water with alligator bullets lol .. and killum all … tony was no help she frolicing around with a dude she look like a fool hanging with baby!! a legendary singer .. i know she was tryin to shine light off tamar issues but TONY LEFT KERRI HER HUSBAND FOR NO REASON. I THINK SHE LESSIBIAN I KNOW TAWANDA IS … AND I HERD THEIR BROTHER IS GAY reason he want deal with them . and he may be outcasted 2 .. i also think their daddy is gay tons of skelletons and people know their hidding stuff .. reason they love ATLANTA ITs FULL OF GAY ACCEPTANCE .. BUT THE world is not .. .remember whitney houston loved atlanta and she had a lesibian lover a lot of undercover gay females in ATL . .JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND POINT … tamar and lonnie love maybe lovers .. lonnie lies all the time bout seeking a man NO BODY WANT NO GHETTO LOOKIN BIG CHICK. . she only got on the show to pull in low worth ghetto queens and fat chicks . she is not no typical black female.. white america put her on as a laugh .. tamar was suppose to been star and messed it up tryin to be silly…. thinking white america was laughing and that was ratings .. while black america saw her as offensive and stupid regardless of her white fans ….. she had to dump her blonde hair put on dork glasses and struggle to not act rich entitled and diva like .. meaning SHE SHOULD NEVER BEEN CASTED SHE AINT NO DOMESTIC AVERAGE CHICK AND HER BRAND WAS CHEAPIN BEING CASTED DAY ONE I SAID IT WAS GONNA BE BAD. STEVIE WONDER SAW THAT … i think loni was jealous of tamar and voted her out loni wanted to star since her career was the oldest she is not funny she uses her ugly face expressions to get a laugh .. cheryl underwood would of been better tamar made a lot of mistakes . she approved of her role period vince too..

    • Katrecia Harris on July 17, 2016 at 8:11 pm

      Girl u just talking nonsense illuminati really girl bye

      • cupcake333 on July 18, 2016 at 9:26 am

        i dont really believe in illuminate but there is an organiatio governing over star and what kind of fame they are allowed berney mac didnt die of a rare disease he was getting to poweful .. and he was pro black he would have spoken out against police bruitality he would have set presidence ….illuminate is just a name honey kkk is factual .. kkk is the real anti america group

  2. Valica96 on July 17, 2016 at 10:47 pm

    All I know is Steve Harvey NOOOOO. Will not be listening to her