Pastor Charles Jenkins is ‘Winning’ hearts of millennials and the unchurched

Revolutionary gospel artist Pastor Charles Jenkins has the ability to disseminate music that collectively engages millennials and the faithful who are on a spiritual journey.

Contacting God through song and emotion makes Jenkins the maestro of the next generation. He definitely has the favor of God as an entertainer. This is obvious. The emotional bonds that celebrate the very existence of the Almighty and the presence of the Holy Spirit can be found in each of his songs.

If you’ve never heard “My God Is Awesome,” but you know that God is being awesome in your life, a miracle took place in your life, or you’ve experienced the love of a parent, then Jenkins’ song will reinforce that sentiment.

The awesomeness can be felt in the idea of winning. For those who have faith and believe in God, or a giving or love source, the feeling is undeniable.

Winning describes the emotion that everyone desires in their hearts and it comes from having the love of self, the feeling of transformation that is happening in the unchurched yet increasingly spiritual community. The celebration of winning in our community can be felt in this song

Jenkins’ phenomenal hit allows us to know that God provides wins. Winning also is a celebration to allow the Holy Spirit to raise your hands and just reach for the sky know that you’re winning just by praising and celebrating God.

We collectively are winning through our relationship with God. The idea of winning is another stroke of genius from Jenkins as he encourages the faithful to praise God. The faithful are blessed and abundantly favored and winning because we have accepted this truth in our lives.

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Munson Steed
Munson Steed

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