Jaymal Green takes his activism from the streets to the music studio


Photo by Melanie L. Brown for Steed Media Service

Jaymal Green is the activist who was recently released from jail after an encounter with the police at his Taste of Chicago Shutdown event. He has been featured as a guest on CNN multiple times, news channels, and traveled with Bernie Sanders discussing police brutality and other injustices against African Americans. Now the author, singer and songwriter hopes to make a positive impact through music.

“I’m hoping to bring people together and change the culture of music. I believe music and activism are hand in hand and we need more songs that are about issues we’re facing and more artists willing to give their time back to their consumers in their communities. I want to see more positive music and more positive artists,” Green said.

His single, “Jungle Love,” was released last fall and his EP titled Majostee will be released, “on a lucky day in August,” he says.

Green is looking to resurrect the music of yesteryear with crisp, detailed lyrics. “A lot of songs today lack depth and metaphoric content; when you listen to an old-school jam you have to think about what the singer is trying to convey. A lot of our favorite old-school songs were about sex and we didn’t even realize it because of how well the artist used metaphors to make every action a work of art. That, in my opinion is true artistry, the ability to cause discussion and debate over simple lines,” he says.

Green has collaboration tracks with Chance the Rapper’s brother,Taylor Bennett; and Rizzy, an artist under his label, Major Green Music. He also has a track titled “Heart of Gold” with a sample from Ginuwine.

Green turns 21 in August, and he plans to give the gift of his music to his fans for free.

Listen to “Heart of Gold” at this link: https://soundcloud.com/jaymalgreen/heart-of-gold/s-L9x2NGPeople  Download the EP from his website: www.JaymalGreen.com.

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