Greater Sole Purpose aims to provide 10,000 pairs of shoes to deserving kids

Hezo (Photo Courtesy: Greater Sole Purpose)

Greater Sole Purpose is a 501(c)(3) Atlanta-based nonprofit on a mission “to offer youth foundational steps for a better outcome in life and advancement” because there are kids who drop out of school, don’t apply for jobs or play sports because they can’t afford the proper footwear.

Greater Sole Purpose “envisions no child being bullied, abused, or wounded because they are without adequate footwear.” GSP has teamed up with Black Celebrity Giving for a four-city tour to give away shoes to homeless youth. Their goal is to provide 10,000 pairs of shoes to underprivileged children and youth in 10 metropolitan cities. They are seeking volunteers and brand ambassadors to help grow awareness.

Hezo (Photo Courtesy: Greater Sole Purpose)
Hezo (Photo courtesy of Greater Sole Purpose)

Meet Hezo, spokesperson and brand ambassador for Greater Sole Purpose.

How do shoes make a difference in someone’s life?

Well for someone who doesn’t have anything, to receive a blessing unannounced is a confidence booster in itself. Shoes, regardless of brand, style or price, can literally make you. To become and make something of thyself and be able to provide for oneself as well as family, it has to begin and end with a foundation to step on. How far do you — or we — expect to get without adequate footwear?

Why is this cause important to you?

This is important to me because I come from a struggle and I took the road less traveled. I’ve seen firsthand kids get bullied for not having adequate footwear as well as kids with no footwear at all all across the world. There is no reason at all with all the resources we have at our fingertips that any infant, kid, teenager or adult, for that matter, should be without adequate footwear.

Do you have any success stories you can share?

I came from the projects born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. My mother dropped out of high school to take care of and provide for us. It wasn’t easy growing up in Brooklyn with so many distractions left and right. There [were] so many invisible arrows pointing to streets and paths all leading to death or incarceration. I couldn’t get every single pair of new sneakers or afford the most expensive clothes but my mother did the best she could and I never missed a meal and always had a roof over my head; for that I’m forever grateful. I refused to be a product of my environment. [I] graduat[ed] from high school on time in 2005. I worked 10-hour days while paying for college on my own — not being eligible for financial aid [even though] my household income was below means. When my son was born in 2009, it changed my life forever. Ever since then I made a promise to myself that I will not become a statistic. I moved to Atlanta to take on the nightlife and spread my wings as an influencer. I teamed up with my cousin Jabbar and we took the Elite Stars ENT brand further with the help of a powerful and influential team. I watched and took advice from mentors like Biddy Barnes, Kenny Burns, Alex Gidewon and a few others who have paved the way for us. I [have] always been a leader and now stand before you as the face of Greater Sole Purpose, a brand ambassador for a luxury spirit brand, a loving father, and an influencer.

What kind of shoe donations are you seeking? Girls’ sneakers? Boys’ sneakers? Please explain.

We are seeking gently worn, new or used footwear of all sizes and styles. From infant shoes who’ve outgrown them to ladies high heels. All styles and sizes are welcome. Sneakers, shoes (men and women), boots, high heels, slippers, we will take them all. There are many people in the U.S as well as all over the world with nothing at all and we have to keep that in mind. We thank each and every person who has already come forth to donate and support our cause and we are looking forward to a successful campaign.

Donations can be made via and footwear can be shipped to:

Greater Sole Purpose
3276 Myrtle Street
Hapeville, Ga. 30354
Follow @greatersolepurpose

Follow Greater Sole Purpose on their social media @greatersolepurpose and visit their website for more information

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