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PPV Ty brings a new sound to the rap game

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Photo credit: JayR Photography

Rolling out got the chance to speak with up-and-coming artist PPV Ty, who hopes that his unique sound and ability to stay true to himself will help him stand out in the rap game.

When did you decide that you wanted to take your rap career seriously?

Truthfully, I was always messing around with music, but I started getting really serious in August. My dad started mixing for me, before that I was just recording a whole bunch of reference tracks. Last year I posted a freestyle to Drake’s “Energy” and posted it on Twitter and lots of people started showing love so I decided to really take this seriously.

So you said your dad mixes for you, how does that work?

Well actually my dad’s been doing music since I was a kid, when I first told him I wanted to do this he didn’t even take me seriously. When I told him I really wanted to do this it was a good thing for both of us, because he got a second chance to do what he really loves.

What separates you from other artists? What makes you unique?

My artist vision, a lot of people say they love music but I really breathe this. A lot of people just listen to music and it just goes in one ear and out the other. I really consume music, and understand the patterns. I think I have something new to bring to the table because you have a lot of people who are catchy and don’t have any substance and there’s people who can spit but cant hold your attention. I feel like who better to bridge that gap than me?

How would you describe your sound? 

I just approach everything differently, I carefully select my beats based on my sound. I like to do a lot of trap influence, because I don’t make “trap” music. Our mixes are more aggressive than polished and that’s intentional, we want this to sound like a rebellion.

Name your top two influences from the industry. Who do you look up to?

Definitely Kanye. I love Yeezy, he just didn’t care from day one and I was paying attention to him when nobody really believed in him, and I definitely sympathize with that. Its not that I feel like people don’t believe in me, but I do feel like I’ve been doubted and overlooked. Wiz would have to be another one. He is a huge influence to me; he’s his own boss; he monetizes everything and doesn’t care what people think of him.

Your name is PPV Ty. What does that stand for?

“Pay-Per-View Ty” I came up with that because I want people to still be able to identify with me and make it cool. Plus I loved the idea of not doing anything for free, like Pay-Per-View.

What keeps you inspired? 

The music, of course, to me it’s like a drug. To me, I’m chasing the perfect song, even though there’s no such thing as a perfect song. I approach everything like how can I build on what I did before. The chase of making great art, and I really want to inspire people and leave a legacy. I want my music or just my personal character to be able to inspire people all over the world and make them want to achieve something with their lives.

How would describe your personal brand?

Tribal Hippie Clique we’re actually a record label now, and I just represent staying true to yourself. Just being 100 percent yourself good and bad, because everyone has good and bad. If someone doesn’t accept you because of your bad, well they just don’t mess with you period because that’s what makes you, you. I just want to inspire others to stay true to themselves, it would help solve a lot of problems.

What’s on your playlist?

Of course, my brother Drebo, Cello, all of 2ff. I been listening to 21 Savage, Young Thug, and Lil Uzi.

How can fans stay in contact with you?

All my social media is actually the same PPVTy, thats for Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud, Spinrilla, and Tidal.