Trina Braxton’s ex admits ‘I was a terrible husband’

Trina Braxton- Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Trina Braxton (Photo credit: Jonell Whitt for Steed Media)

On the Aug, 4 episode of WE tv’s “Braxton Family Values” we saw a very emotional Trina Braxton have a monumental breakthrough after Gabe Solis “hoodwinked” her into going on a “date” to talk at the beach. I don’t know about you but I was crossing my fingers that Trina wouldn’t call for an Uber and would hear Gabe out. Let’s catch you up to speed in case you haven’t been tuning in.

Trina and Gabe decided to call their marriage quits for the second time after Trina became fed up with Gabe’s cheating ways. America really felt hurt for Trina as we got to see their relationship pretty much deteriorate on reality TV. We saw Trina move forward and grow professionally outside her singing career and become quite the businesswoman. We even witnessed her family’s reaction and support when Trina moved on with her life without Gabe and started dating Black men.

Gabe Solis and guest - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Gabe Solis and guest (Photo credi:t Jonell Whitt for Steed Media)

The Braxton sisters were happy that Trina was able to obtain some type of closure with Solis showing up out of nowhere. However, Toni Braxton realizes that Trina actually just really loves Gabe. According to Toni, “sometimes loving someone can just be in your DNA!” But I love how Toni cleared it up and added “just because you love someone doesn’t mean you have to be with that person.” Traci Braxton was the most disappointed that Gabe even decided to surface, period. The secret squirrel Towanda Braxton didn’t surprise anyone by reacting to the Gabe news as a loving supportive sister would; and we can always count on Ms. Evelyn to remind Trina that what she does is simply “nobody’s business.”

So hopefully this little beach date meeting can now help the healing process begin for Trina and Gabe. It was big of Gabe to admit he has been a horrible husband and admit he handled the way he dealt with Trina’s sons (from a previous marriage) Eric and Kaleb, in an unacceptable manner.  We hope Gabe rights his wrong with the boys. I can see how Gabe could have felt resentment towards Trina living her dream as an artist, reality TV star and business partner if he had secret motives of becoming a star himself. However, according to the good book “love does not brag, is not jealous, puffed up with pride and is patient and enduring.” According to Kenya Moore (love is not the C-word, either). (Sidebar) …

It looks like it will be best for the two to remain friends and steer away from any type of romantic relationship, especially if Gabe didn’t say he was ready to be a support system, sounding board, and rock to Trina in her career and endeavors. Maybe I stepped away from the TV but I don’t think I heard him say that. I’m excited Trina got closure. Everyone needs to know what happened in the deterioration of their marriage and no one needs to feel at fault “for the simple sake of making the statement.” Perhaps now Trina can move forward in relationships and realize her value.

P.S. Yes, we are also glad Tracey is moving forward with her album and got approval on her single from her team. What do you think? Should Trina give Gabe a third chance? Will Traci make a breakthrough impact this time with her music? Sound off please!

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