Kim Kardashian explains why she keeps her kids out of the limelight

Photo Credit: Kim Kardashian's Instagram (@kimkardashian)
Photo credit: Instagram – @kimkardashian

For Kim Kardashian, life as one of the biggest celebrities on the planet means you have little to no privacy when it comes to your private life. And by extension that also means that Kardashian’s kids have to live at partly in the limelight as well. But even though paparazzi and media sites are desperate to get details on Saint and North West, Kardashian recently explained that she likes to keep her kids out of the spotlight as much as possible.

According to media reports, Kardashian recently served as the keynote speaker during the BlogHer 16 conference in Los Angeles and she spoke with the crowd about her life as a mother. The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” superstar explained to the audience why she wants North and Saint to have at least a semi-normal childhood and why they can’t have their own Instagram pages yet.

“I definitely am really protective of my life with the kids. You might see them on [‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’] a little bit, but not real stories about them. … We just don’t make stories — Kourtney and I don’t makes stories really around our children. They’ll be there but if anything that’s a benefit because we get to spend more time with them,” Kardashian said.

Kardashian then explained why she went to extra lengths to make sure her infant son is protected from the public. She also addressed rumors that she had Saint as a publicity stunt.

“So truly, I was not posting about my son because I wanted him to be able to go to the park every single day like a normal human being and nobody knows who he is. … He’s8 months old now, and people thought he didn’t exist. People thought I had a whole fake baby and I made this whole thing up because I wasn’t posting about it. And to me, that’s so ridiculous,” Kardashian said.

Well, it’s commendable that Kardashian tries to give her kids some normalcy, but as long as she’s in the spotlight her children will always be visible in some way to the world.

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