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‘Black-ish’ costume designer Stacy Beverly keeping the stars stylish

Stacy Beverly (Photo credit: Earl Gibson)

Stacy Beverly (Photo credit: Earl Gibson)

Stacy Beverly gave style to our best friends on the UPN show “Girlfriends” working as the costume designer for the show from its beginning in 2001 until its final season in 2007. She kept busy working with the hit show “The Game” and on Ava DuVerney’s first feature film Middle of Nowhere. Today, she sets herself apart by the work done on the award-winning ABC hit TV series “black-ish” again showing us a bit of chic and comfortable — chi-comfortable.

Read what she has to say.

Where are you from?
I’m originally from Chicago. I’ve lived on the South Side, the North Side and I’ve lived in the suburbs of Chicago. I believe that’s where my roots lie — in style, fashion and architecture; all of it originated from home.

How did you get started?
This is actually my second career. In my first career, I worked as a regional manager for an auto manufacturer. And I was unhappy and just tired. I always loved fashion. I’d go to work and people would always be commenting on my clothing. Or I would be considered odd of just “outlandish.” I was unhappy where I was working and in an unhappy relationship. I got a divorce and got a new job. I went back to school.

What are some of the challenges you face as a costume designer?
I’d say that some of the challenges that I’m faced with now [stem from] working on a show that’s actually a pilot called “Crushed.” We’re shooting the pilot in Vancouver, [Canada]. It’s very very, busy and dealing with logistics — getting stuff from here to there and back and forth, especially through customs, has been challenging. Making sure we have the right look because the show is based on Napa Valley wine country. And trying to make sure that we have the right crew. People that have an amazing fashion sense, who have the temperament to be able to translate out of the country as well as here in the United States.

What is the one thing that you just can’t live without and why?
I have to choose one thing? I’m going to say my Dominic Cohen Jewelry. It’s so unique and just luscious and fabulous and versatile. I can wear it glam or I can wear it casual and it can mix and match. I just love it.

At this stage in the game, what are some things in business that you won’t do?
I refuse to work without a dedicated assistant. Dedicated specifically to me. I just think it’s in the best interest of the production and it just moves a little bit smoother.

What is your style statement?
You still like to look good but you want to be comfortable. I like trends but I do them in moderation. You always have to keep in mind what works for you. Everybody can’t wear everything. We all need to remember that. I have a classical style and I like to refer to it as “chi-comfortable.” It’s a combination of chic and comfortable