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Aisha Tyler reveals the secret to staying fit and fab

Photo Credit: Aisha Tyler's Instagram (@aishatyler)

Photo credit: Instagram – @aishatyler

When it comes to staying fit and fab, “Criminal Minds” actress Aisha Tyler reveals she follows a “modified paleo diet.”

“This means that for the most part, I avoid refined carbohydrates, grains, dairy and sugar,” Tyler told People. “That said, I’m not super strict. I try to be as disciplined as I can during the week so that I can eat what I want on the weekends, which includes pasta, bread and other fun stuff.”

Of course, to stay satisfied throughout the day, the talk show host revealed she also incorporates healthy fats like avocado, into her daily diet. “I eat avocado every day, sometimes twice a day, as well as organic nuts every day,” said Tyler. “I also try to eat organic as much as possible.”

As for that pesky urge to snack on unhealthy foods later in the day, the future entrepreneur, who is launching a line of bottled cocktails, Courage + Stone, this fall, revealed she eats a breakfast packed with protein. “There is so much sugary junk around television sets, and sugar is really my weakness, so anything that helps render me immune to the seductive powers of bear-shaped cookies and tiny candy bars, I’m in,” she says. “I eat what looks like a feast at breakfast, but it pays off.”

That said, Tyler does occasionally splurge on “a bit of organic dark chocolate in the afternoon or a great, well-made cocktail at the end of the day.”

For a peek at her daily diet regimen, (courtesy of People magazine), hit the flip.

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