EFF’s Mark Harris set to premiere groundbreaking web series in the fall

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Writer-director Mark Harris is not resting on his laurels. The founder of the Englewood Film Festival and 1555 Film Works, is constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to tell interesting stories about the African American community. His newest and latest venture involves a new web series based on his hit film, I Used to Love Her.

Tell us about “I Used to Love Her” and how the web series works.

“I Used To Love Her” is based on a film I directed about 10 years ago that starred Mel Roberson and Toya Turner. The web series deals with social issues that are afflicting not just the black community, but, but America and the world as a whole. It is six explosive episodes and we deal with some serious topics. We have a great cast — Mel Roberson has returned as Ramadan, Tiffany Addison is playing Simee Smith, Simeon Henderson, Tiffany J Curtis, Sheree Bynum, Jose Santiago Jr., Corey Hendrix, Ruby Gonzalez and Porsha Ferguson.

How will it be distributed and what providers will be distributing the series?

Several companies have reached out to us. We are looking at the best option that’s going to give this web series the audience it deserves.

You have a lot of Chicago talent involved in the production, how did that happen?

Casting call and actors who have returned from the movie to do the web series because they wanted to see these topics to be put on the discussion table and get real solutions.

You established the Englewood Film Festival. Why did you see the need in it and let’s play catch up on what is happening with that and where you would like to see it in the future?

Art is more powerful than politics and religion. What better way to put a message of power than through entertainment. EIFF is designed to lift the Englewood community up. We are ironing out some details to do something this year. But, it’s going to return bigger and better for 2017.

How has Chicago, as a city, figured in Hollywood moviemaking?

It’s pretty tough. It’s great for television however; most of the talents from Chicago aren’t getting the big roles.

1555 Film Works and Mark Harris Films will hold a public screening of  the new groundbreaking web series, “I Used to Love Her” on Sept. 29, 2016, at Studio Movie Grill, 210 W. 87th St.

Contact Mark Harris, [email protected] for more information.

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