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Future evolves into executive with new artist, Fortune

Photo courtesy of Fortune

Photo courtesy of Fortune

Fortune is new to the music world as an artist. What makes him different is that he has a powerful ally in the industry. Fortune is Future’s new artist. Future, arguably one of the most popular artists today, has put on his executive hat. We spoke with Fortune and found out more about who he is, his hometown St Louis, and how it feels to have Future in his corner.

Tell us who you are and what you do?

I’m Fortune and make music that you can have fun, turn up to and relate to at the same time. I’m the youngest [artist] signed to Freebandz, stamped and approved.

Talk about the relationship you have with Future. How did it come about and why do you think you two started working together?

The relationship I have with Future came about because of his close relationship with my father, who’s been a part of his career before Future had a deal. My old dude, Guccio, was Future’s music executive and manager, Future and I took a liking to each other. Even though I was young, he would tell me keep working, be diligent, master your craft and be patient. Future always tells me it’s all about timing. He’s very smart and really understands the nature of this business beyond a creative level to an executive level. He has an ear for talent and he’s an intelligent businessman. He understands the creation of a sound like no one else. That’s why everyone wants to bite his sound and style but he’s organic and there’s no imitating what’s real.

You have a single out now called “Coolin and Boolin,” and the artwork seems deliberate. Are you promoting unity between the Crips and the Bloods?

Yeah, “Coolin Boolin” is my single that’s out right now. The artwork really didn’t have anything to do with negativity or the Crips and Bloods like people think. It’s just the lingo we use in St.Louis. I’m just really taking from that.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound by saying it’s about pain, struggles, ups and downs. When I make music, it’s a feeling. I want to be an all-around artist who brings a lot to the table and thinks outside of the box. My performance has to be astronomical and dope. I’m planning on performing with a live hip-hop band from Atlanta named Contrbnd, which is comprised of 16-year-old twins, Razaar and Akeen Williams and their cousin Ayinde. I want our music and work to be unforgettable. I want the world to see us young people really being musical and memorable. St.Louis isn’t just a hard city to make it in, it’s hard to survive.  I’m feeling all the emotions of my city in my music at that moment, that’s the sound that u hear in my music..

How has St. Louis shaped your music?

St. Louis helped shape my music because St. Louis is where I’m from where I spent the majority of my years. Where I grew up helped shape my music. I know that place like the back of my hand.

Future and Fortune - Photo courtesy of Fortune

Future and Fortune – Photo courtesy of Freebandz

Who inspires you the most?

My dad inspires me the most. I don’t know a man on Earth that goes as hard as he goes. He really would grind and work hard. Other than my dad, I would say Future. He’s overcome a lot and literally survived by his own strength and he never gives up no matter what comes his way.

What challenges have you come across since you started this journey?

My biggest challenge by far up to this point is my dad getting locked up earlier this year in the middle of our push and the climax of what Future is doing with Freebandz. Not only is he my dad, he is my manager, so I lost a lot. It’s hard but I [keep] working and I know how to make hits. Everything will play out. This is just making me stronger

What is next for you?

What’s next for me is my next mixtape The Follow Up. I named it that from my first EP I dropped titled The Warm Up hosted by Future. It’s available for download on iTunes or anywhere else you get your music from. The Follow Up is on the way.