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Family drama: Benzino’s nephew convicted of shooting him

Photo Credit: Instagram - @iambenzino

Photo credit: Instagram – @iambenzino

Benzino has seen a lot of drama in his personal life over the past few years thanks to his reality TV life. Although most of it stems from his volatile relationship with Althea Eaton, a forgotten piece of drama stems from his nephew shooting him years ago. But now the shooting drama has resurfaced as reports have revealed that Benzino’s nephew was recently convicted in the shooting.

As previously reported, the incident happened in 2014, when Benzino was shot by his nephew, Gai Scott, in the shoulder and back while both men were in moving vehicles on the way to Benzino’s mother’s funeral in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Benzino suffered non-life-threatening wounds and reportedly the shooting stemmed from a family dispute. Scott was subsequently arrested and pleaded not guilty to charges of armed assault with intent to murder and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. During that time, Benzino bragged to the press about not snitching on his nephew and the story quickly died down in the media. But now, two years later, Benzino and Scott are making headlines again because Scott was found guilty this week of the crime.

According to reports, the ruling was handed down on Thursday, Aug. 18 when Scott was found guilty of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, but was cleared of armed assault with intent to murder.

Scott will be sentenced Aug. 26 when he appears before the judge again.

Benzino didn’t seem to have an explicit reaction to the news on his social media pages. The reality TV star mainly posted photos of his gym progress on Instagram and Twitter, but he did post one photo about loyalty that may be related to his family drama.

Photo Credit: Instagram - @iambenzino

Photo credit: Instagram – @iambenzino

“That’s why it’s called “LOYALTY” it’s suppose to supersede all the BS!!” he captioned the photo.

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