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Photos emerge of Usain Bolt in bed with 20-year-old Brazilian student

usain bolt woman1

Photo: via Jady Duarte WhatsApp

Usain Bolt stood out as one of the top athletes at the 2016 Olympics by finishing the games with three gold medals. But while the gold medalist won big during the Olympics, he was also active off the track. Bolt celebrated his victories and 30th birthday by partying at a nightclub in Rio.

Clubgoers captured video and photos of Bolt partying on stage at All In and grinding on a woman who twerked as they danced. The video of Bolt dancing with the woman went viral after it was revealed that he has a longtime girlfriend named Kasi Bennett, 26, who lives in Jamaica.

But hours following his exit from Rio, photos emerged of Bolt in bed with another woman. The woman in the photos has been identified as Jady Duarte. Reportedly, Duarte, 20, met Bolt at All In after his security guard got her attention. At some point, Duarte and Bolt left the club together. While in bed, Duarte began taking cellphone pics as a shirtless Bolt kissed her and put his arm around her shoulder. Duarte eventually sent the pics to her friends through WhatsApp. The photos were soon uploaded on social media and have since gone viral.

Reportedly, Duarte was once married to a Brazilian drug kingpin named Douglas Pereira. Pereira was once a notorious figure in the slums of Rio known as the Favela. He reportedly kidnapped, shaved the head, tortured and killed an 18-year-old girl and posted the killing on social media. He was also accused of shooting another 18-year-old girl 20 times because her boyfriend left his organization to join another gang. Pereira was eventually killed after a police shootout in the Favela.

Bolt’s reported girlfriend, Bennett, often sent congratulatory messages to him via Twitter during his Olympic victories. However, she has been silent since the photos of Bolt and Duarte emerged. Bolt, who has likely competed in his final Olympics, has also remained silent in regard to the photos that went viral.

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Photo: Jady Duarte via WhatsApp


  1. Sol Rothstein on August 22, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Laying PIPE to the White, all night is always RIGHT…hehe.

  2. DH on August 23, 2016 at 11:21 am