Another Round with Heben Nigatu who shakes things up

Another Round with Heben and Tracy
BuzzFeed Podcast

Photo credit: Twitter — @heavenrants
Heben Nigatu Photo credit: Twitter — @heavenrants

Heben Nigatu
Writer/Podcast Host
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Columbia College

Heben Nigatu (pronounced Heaven) and Tracy Clayton are the hosts of BuzzFeed’s breakout podcast hit, “Another Round.” The show features the two co-hosts, who didn’t know each other before they began working together at BuzzFeed, bantering or interviewing guests while sipping alcohol. (Since the show is taped and not live, editing is available if the ladies get too loose.)

The women set out to create a show in which they didn’t have to filter their opinions for a white audience. Guess what. White people love the podcast, which covers race, gender, pop culture, and anything else the hosts fancy. Black people, of course, love it too.

Nigatu, who was also named to this year’s Forbes 30 Under 30 list, recently left BuzzFeed for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert but will continue to co-host the podcast.

The Path

Nigatu, who only recently graduated from Columbia College, was hired by BuzzFeed after a three-month fellowship. Nigatu told her college newspaper, The Columbia Spector, “I don’t think they saw it as ‘hiring a student’ or anything like that…I told them that I did actually want to finish school, and they were all very supportive.”


Another Round,” was named one of the best podcasts of the year by iTunes, Slate, Vulture, and The Atlantic.

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