‘I’m voting Trump,’ says Michigan party director of African-American Engagement

Donald Trump and Michigan Republican Party Director of African American Engagement Wayne Bradley exchange smiles and a handshake during Donald Trump’s visit to Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit on Saturday, September 3, 2016. (Photo Credit: Wayne Bradley FB)

Donald Trump created a media firestorm when he visited Great Faith Ministries church in Detroit on Saturday, Sept. 3. All of the major media outlets including CNN and MSNBC, were on site to capture the historic moment. Some say he only visited to try to pander votes from the Black community, and that this was only the first of many visits to Detroit to do so.

Rolling out was on the scene and talked exclusively with Michigan Republican Party Director of African American Engagement Wayne Bradley to get his take on Trump’s visit. Read what Bradley had to say below.

Can you tell us from your perspective why Donald Trump visited a Black church in Detroit?
Donald Trump seemed to be very touched by the support and the love, which I knew that he was going to have to say something coming to a Black church, that he would feel something here and I believe sincerely that he really does want to make America better for everyone. And now, hopefully this is the rollout of him expressing that to urban communities throughout America. Yesterday he was in Philly, today he’s in Detroit, and this is a good start.

What did Donald Trump have to say when he addressed the crowd at the church? What did he have to say about the Black community?
He talked about how the things that he wanted to improve, and he spoke a lot about jobs and education. And you can not have a solid foundation without a good education. He talked about school choice, and I’m a big time school choice advocate so, when I hear someone talk about that I get excited. I think that what he’s talking about is definitely in the right direction. He talked about making sure justice was for everyone. And so to me, he touched on all the right things, to make folks at least say maybe I should listen to what Donald Trump has to say.

So, do you think he may have converted some of the Black voters?
It’s very possible. Again, people don’t trust Hillary Clinton. So, they’re looking for a reason to support Donald Trump. He also talked about protecting religious freedoms, which again to the faith based community, that’s big. You have people now that are concerned that our faith and our values are being trampled upon. And he spoke up to that. And that crosses over any ethnicity lines, white evangelicals , Black evangelicals, that are concerned with the direction that our country is going in and the fact that they can even preach their word without having to worry about repercussions from the government or things of that nature. I think what he was talking about was progression. It was on point for where he was at today.

So, you’re obviously a Trump supporter and we don’t even have to ask you who you’re voting for.
I work for the Michigan Republican Party. No question about it, I’m voting for Donald Trump.

Porsha Monique
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