Bishop Eddie Long in reported health crisis

Bishop Eddie Long (Photo Source: Used by permission of Leonardo Blair of Christian Post Magazine)
Bishop Eddie Long (Photo Source: Used by permission of Leonardo Blair of Christian Post Magazine)

Controversial megachurch pastor Bishop Eddie Long is back in the news regarding a possible health crisis. first reported that Bishop Long has been hospitalized due to complications from an “unspecified gastro-intestinal cancer that has already progressed to stage 4”. Long was recently in the news regarding a picture that showed a dramatic weight loss. Long attributed this weight loss to his adoption of strict raw, vegan diet saying in part:

“You know, basically, many of us are still eating from a slave menu and need to check that. I have gone total raw vegetable, that’s right, total raw vegetable and so I’m somewhat of a vegan. And for all you vegans out there I never thought I’d do this, never thought it but I am and it’s really, really given me a lot of energy. Yes, I’ve lost weight, I don’t have the arms like I used to but they coming back but I don’t want all that weight. I want health, and I want you to know that I’m on zero medications. My blood pressure is 120/80. I used to take blood pressure pills, medication for years and all of that.”

At the time of publication, requests to New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for a statement has gone unanswered. The original source for the information on Bishop Long is considered credible. According to the source Obnoxioustv’s blog writer William McCray III:

“Recently, while out to dinner with some prominent minister friends a person approached our table and specifically want to speak to Sir William, (sic) in a very humble and politely asked if they could have seat. We said sure and the source went on to share they were a member of New Birth and choose to stay through the scandal. The source shared their name and shared they were very close to Bishop Long and asked if Obnoxious Media would take it easy on bishop due to his having cancer. After a couple of phone calls and text messages it was confirmed this was a very reliable source. They explained that Bishop Long has cancer in his digestive system and it was discovered in the 4th stage and he literally has months to live.”

Rolling out will continue to follow this breaking story. Update: Bishop Long responds.

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