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Divorced, mentally ill dad shoots ex-wife and kills son, confesses on Facebook

Earl Valentine (Photo Source:Facebook/Earl Valentine)

Earl Valentine (Photo Source: Facebook/Earl Valentine)

A mentally ill, divorced North Carolina father has committed suicide after a shooting that injured his wife, left his teenage son dead and a chilling confession on Facebook. On Tuesday of this week, police state that Earl Valentine broke into the home of his ex-wife Keisha Valentine in Nolita, North Carolina. He then fired several shots, critically injuring his ex-wife and also fatally shot his 15-year-old son, who was trying to protect his mother. After the shooting, the crazed dad fled the scene and his son was able to call 911 with his dying breath to report his father. Valentine also called police and stated he was on his way to Virginia to kill more relatives. According to Norlina Police Chief Taylor Bartholomew, “When we spoke to him on the phone he told us he is basically armed and dangerous.”

As Valentine began his deadly road-trip, he decided to live stream a confession on Facebook. In the video, he stated “What’s up everybody? I just killed my f—— wife. I’ve been very sick for months and this is something that I could not help. She lied on me, had warrants taken out on me. She drug me all the way down to nothing…I don’t feel no remorse for what I did. I loved my wife, but she deserved what she had coming.” Valentine was under the impression that he had killed his wife; however, she is in critical condition ,struggling to survive.

Police stated they began hunting for Valentine and tracked his phone first to Richmond, Virginia, where they believed he may have visited his father’s grave. They then where able to track him to a Columbia, South Carolina motel on Wednesday. Upon entering his room, they found him dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound. His Facebook confession has since been removed and his account can no longer be accessed.


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    Social media seems to have become a rest haven for the mentally ill.

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