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Singer Sevyn Streeter plays a feisty vixen in debut movie

Photo Credit: TV One Network
Photo Credit: TV One Network

You might know Sevyn Streeter for her pop style music and epic song writing skills, but now the young songstress is stepping into a whole new lane in the acting world. The Grammy winner plays in the new Russ Purr movie Ringside as a feisty vixen whose confidence is through the roof. Check out more about her character.

Tell me about your role as Selita, who’s Jaxon’s (Tyler Lepley) sister in Ringside?
Yes, I play Selita, who’s the youngest sister to Jaxon, who’s trying to become the new heavyweight champion of the world. Selita is definitely like any young woman out there trying to figure herself out. She’s trying to kiss a couple of frogs; dating some of the wrong guys at first to find out what she wants. Obviously, her brother is not very fond of that and they butt heads about it. She’s very headstrong and she doesn’t want to fix any issues or date better until she’s damn ready. I feel that women in general will be able to relate to her character. She’s definitely feisty and sexy. She was a very fun character to play.

Is acting a newfound love for you?
OMG, is it ever! I just want to do more movies and even sitcoms. I really enjoyed it so much. It gave me a level head to get rid of this creative energy that flows through me day in and day out. I give a lot of it to my music, but acting definitely helped me, as well.

Recalling your favorite movie, what’s you’re favorite movie scene?
Love Jones. There are so many moments in that movie. I’ve watched that movie at least 8 to 10 times a year. Every time I’ve watched it, I have found something more intriguing about the movie and the characters Nina (Nia Long) and Darius (Larenz Tate). So one of my favorite scenes was when Darius was running to try to catch that train after he knows he messed up. There are just so many moments I loved.

Who are your acting inspirations?
So many. I love Nia Long, Angela Bassett, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Nate Parker and so many more. I truly respect what they’ve brought to the acting industry. Every time I mention these people, it makes me recall the scenes that I fell in love with them on. I truly have a better understanding now of what actors do. With me in Ringside, it allowed me to really have a newfound respect for the acting industry. After this movie, I’ve learned how to do different tricks with emotions, face expressions … to really portray a real character. I got a chance to see how things read on camera in different ways. I was able to use that even in my visuals for my video.

What new projects are you working on?
I have my first single off of my first album out now called “Prolly.” The video is out to the song also. I’m super excited about it and I want all my fans to call the radio stations and request it. I’ve been dying to put out my album. I love my EPs, I love my fans and there’s nothing like having your first album. Nothing compares to that. You get to put the record together in a different way. My album is entitled Girl Interrupted. It just speaks directly to where I am in life. It’s a combination of making mistakes and learning lessons. Life forces you to eventually grow up and transforms you from a girl to becoming a young woman.

Catch “Ringside” on TV One now. To catch up with Sevyn and her music, visit

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