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Jesse Williams teams up with Scholly app to find scholarships

Photo credit: Twitter - @iJesseWilliams

Photo credit: Twitter – @iJesseWilliams

Popular actor/activist and former high school teacher Jesse Williams is teaming up with Scholly to help underprivileged students find available scholarships. He will serve on the advisory board for the scholarship app company. Williams recalled in a video for the app that he was a part of the “grossly under-resourced” American public school system. Being granted a scholarship allowed him access to higher education.

“After college, I was a teacher and like many hard working teachers across this nation, I had countless students forced watch their own potential fade into memory simply because they weren’t born into the resources necessary to absorb a higher education,” Williams said in a statement.

The teaching profession showed him how many young people are unable to reach their true potential because of a lack of resources.

“Good students unable to continue their education simply because of money is a tragic reality that impacts us all,” Williams explained. “This is one of many reasons that I was compelled to partner with Scholly, and as long as this problem exists, we will continue to find creative solutions.”

Now, with the help of Scholly and the prominent human rights activist, students have a better chance of funding their education.

“Our students deserve access to college and to the bright future that awaits them,” said Williams.

The app was featured on ABC’s hit series “Shark Tank,” and it has already facilitated more than $50 million in scholarships since 2014.

“He truly understands the plight of those struggling to pay for college and why it’s vital to help them,” CEO and founder of Scholly, Christopher Grey, said of Williams. “His passion and educational background will help more students gain access to the funding they need to change their futures.”

Williams encouraged everyone to check out to learn more about the app.

“There is no substitute for equal access — there is no substitute for a quality education. Scholly helps us get there, together,” Williams said.