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Cast of Centric’s ‘My Current Situation’ share their stories


Photo via Centric press team

Centric’s new series “My Current Situation” explores the harsh reality of life while trying to get through every day struggles. Rachel Johnson, Alexis Bell and Decennia Adams are three different women who deal with unexpected turns that life throws their way. Rachel Johnson is a mode and actress who has a hard time showing her natural beauty by wearing makeup all the time to cover her scars, blemishes, and acne in order to take her career to the next level.

For most artists, being signed to a major record label is the ultimate dream. However, recording artist Alexis Bell shows what it is like being an up-and-coming artist trying to make it on her own while dealing with the hardships of life. Decennia Adams begins to question whether or not she is moving too fast with her new relationship. The pro wrestler shows what life is like after divorce, raising two kids, and most importantly being engaged to 23-year-old Matthew King. The cast recently sat down with rolling out magazine to give a better overview of their situation.

When asked about her backstory, Rachel Johnson said:

“One of my hardships that I had to deal with since I was a teenager is that I am not comfortable with my skin. I’ve dealt with scars, acne, and from the scars, I developed blemishes. While growing up I kind of had to face my fears of showing my blemishes but then I build a visage and when I got into modeling I kind of started to hide my blemishes.”

Johnson also discussed how makeup became a source of comfort. While making the move to Atlanta, Rachel had this to say about the stereotypes in the modeling world:

“In the Black community, it has always been perceived as the lighter complexion being better than a darker complexion And in the modeling world, it’s sad to say and I don’t want to say, but that still goes on till this day.”

Alexis Bell had this to say:

“I was signed in October 2015. I was very excited and was on tour, on a Def Jam tour and I did well. I got a huge management deal with Def Jam and [that] kind of put me on this empire deal. It was great and exciting like everyone would think I don’t need a record deal. I’ve done all of the recordings, the photo shoots, the graphic covers. I just need someone to put my music out there and when you sign with someone and they say they’re going to do something and they don’t do it, I feel like you are holding me back.”

Decennia commented on her seven-year age difference with Matthew by saying:

“When we met, I was 26 and he had just turned 20. I didn’t know this when we first met because he wouldn’t tell me how old he was and when I had found out, I was like, what! I had just been divorced, I have two boys, I’m doing all this stuff with wrestling, and I’m a student. I was doing things. He was 20 and I was like what could you possibly know about everything that I have going on?”