Matt Barnes blasts Gloria Govan over visitation drama

Photo credit: Matt Barnes' Instagram (@matt_barnes9)
Photo credit: Instagram – @matt_barnes9

Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan have been on bad terms with each other ever since they split back in 2014. Mainly, the drama has been about their love gone wrong and Govan moving on with Barnes’ former teammate Derek Fisher. However, recently, Barnes decided to take shots at Govan over their children, saying that Govan is keeping him away from their sons.

The drama unfolded this weekend when Barnes posted a photo of his and Govan’s twin boys and captioned it with a lengthy message in which he claimed that he pays way too much money in child support for Govan to be malicious and keep him away from their kids.

“I give you MORE than enough money per/month to maintain your life style & for you & those boys to have whatever you want & do whatever you want … Even after you showed the world your foul ways!! Now your telling me if I don’t pay an invoice I had absolutely nothing to do with, I can’t see my kinds…#DopeMom #choosewiselyfellas,” Barnes wrote.

Later, he posted a video on Instagram in which he hinted even more at his beef with his estranged wife, explaining to his many female followers that if they’ve made children with good men that they need to let those men be present in their kids’ lives.

“So I look around today and I see so many deadbeat fathers. I mean, nobody wants to be a dad. You know, you wanna leave you r kids and run or whatever. And if that’s you, that’s you. But ladies if you’ve got a man that wants to be in your kids’ life, be the role model, be the man, be the father figure, be what they supposed to have, that strong male figure, let the motherf—— be in their life. Let him be in their lives. The kids aren’t trophies or pawns or meal tickets or ‘let me see what I can get out of this mother f—–,’ they’re children. They need love from both sides. Co-parent. That’s what it is, co-parenting. Grown people s—. That’s what that is,” Barnes said in the lengthy video.

However, the story doesn’t end there. Read Govan’s response to Barnes, after the cut.

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