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Matt Barnes blasts Gloria Govan over visitation drama

Photo Credit: Instagram - @glogovan

Photo Credit: Instagram – @glogovan

“So @matt_barnes9 I’m keeping you from your kids, huh? But you just saw them yesterday. You need to stop sprinkling that stuff when you roll up. You’re starting to lose your mind! You’re on here trying to be funny for your posse SMH. I really hope you get whatever it is you need from your little minions. Ppl are gonna believe whatever they want, so it’s not even worth my energy. Just know, the lies you tell & the mess you keep up both privately & publicly only affect two people and they don’t deserve that. I hope the attention you get #OnHere is worth it seeing how beyond making time to be InstaDaddy of the year, it’s more than what you actually give them! God bless,” Govan wrote.

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