‘Bring It’ star John Conner jailed for raping and exposing teenage boy to HIV

Photo credit: Instagram @Only_EpicJohn

John Conner III was known as a top dance coach in Memphis, Tennessee. Conner appeared on the Lifetime reality TV show “Bring It” which takes an inside look at the youth dance scene in Memphis. However, Conner, 26, allegedly sexually abused a student who was under his supervision.

According to Fox 13 in Memphis, Conner was involved in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy he met on social media. The teenage boy joined his dance class and they began having a relationship. Conner and the teen exchanged sext messages and they also sent nude photos to each other. The two eventually began having unprotected sex inside Conner’s car. But before they engaged in unprotected sex, Conner did not reveal that he was diagnosed with HIV in 2012.

Once the victim found out about Conner’s status, he called the police.

The investigation has shocked the dance scene in Memphis and fans of the hit show, “Bring It.” Conner coached and served as a sponsor for the dance team, Dancerettes. Conner would often post videos of himself dancing on social media and received thousands of views for a recent video he posted while dancing to a Beyoncé song.

Conner recently used Instagram to share his side of the story.

“For those who [know] me [know] my truth and for those who don’t know me are subject to believe what you hear or read,” Conner wrote. “Well, I am asking those that know me to make those who don’t aware of the type of person I am and the character I have. Yes, I have been accused of something that is so not true. And, yes, I turned myself in as soon as I heard I was being looked for. Notice I said I turned myself in. I have nothing to run from or hold my head down for. I am a child of God first and I’m human second. But at all times, I love me and my freedom too much to have done what I have been accused of. Does it hurt, yes, does it touch me of course, but will it get me down? No way. This is just another test I have to go through and another one that I will pass. “

Once Conner turned himself into authorities, he was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and criminal exposure to HIV.He was held on a $100,00 and is currently out of jail.

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