‘Rolling out’ hosts Luster’s Style Suite in New York

Kells Barnett, BJ Coleman, and the Bearded Dapper Gents pose with their New York Style Icon Awards

Rolling out curated the final stop on Luster’s S-Curl Style Suite tour last night on New York’s Upper West Side at the legendary Sugar Bar, owned by Valerie Simpson and the late Nick Ashford. The night kicked off with music, mingling, drinks and hors d’oeuvres before three popular New York style icons were awarded. Iconic publicist BJ Coleman, the “Greek God of Cool”; Kells Barnett; and the Dapper Bearded Gents were honored for their contributions to style and culture, before joining celebrity host Dutchess Lattimore of “Black Ink Crew” reality show, and style blogger Tyson Moultrie for a roundtable discussion on style and grooming.

These gentlemen dropped jewelry on everything from fashion accessories to how often a man should groom his beard. The Luster team, represented by Jory Luster, Tracy Bell, Tarcus Allen and Randy Lee couldn’t have been more pleased, as Luster recently launched a Fine Grooming Beard Kit, which served as the backdrop for the evening.

Kevin “KP” Pendleton, Luster’s brand ambassador, says the bigger the beard the more juice you have and he shared a number of anecdotes on proper beard grooming and daily care. Lattimore explained how she learned how to braid using her daddy’s beard. To that end, the Bearded Dapper Gents explained that a lot of time and care goes into nurturing a great beard, so ladies should definitely ask before they touch it.

VH1 was in the building filming for the next season of “Black Ink Crew” and they were on hand for a surprise rolling out cover reveal of Lattimore as a swimsuit model. In Lattimore’s congratulatory speech, she discussed tattoos as a modern-day quilt, where she patterns the skin instead of a piece of cloth. She also explained the importance of wearing her tattoos proudly everywhere she goes, even church, because “the Lord doesn’t care what’s on my skin, he cares what’s in my heart.”

Check out the gallery below for more photos from the event and follow the Style Suite tour on Instagram at #LusterStyleSuite and @lusterscurl.

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