5 reasons Sean John and Macy’s partnership works

Sean John president Jeff Tweedy and CEO Sean “Diddy” Combs (Photo by Lauren Martinez for Steed Media Service)

Hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs launched his privately held company, Sean John making its fashion debut with a men’s sportswear collection in the spring of 1999. Since then, the establishment of his lifestyle brand’s annual retails sales have accumulated a reported $525 million leading major U.S. department store Macy’s to sign a deal with Sean John to be the exclusive U.S. retailer for the men’s sportswear collection. Today, Sean John products are sold in over 400 Macy’s store locations across the country and have strengthened the Macy’s brand as a top retail destination for millennial consumerism.

Combs has recently announced that the 15-year partnership will continue and has been renewed across all channels. Combs has set a blueprint for developing strategic partnerships in the infrastructure of a business. We’ve narrowed down why his game plan has been so successful with Macy’s. Take a look below:

Increasing revenue stream

Combs is unquestionably a marketing genius. He has the capability of selling a product without having to say but a few words because consumers trust his brand. Whether he’s launching a new clothing collection or fragrance line consumers gravitate to his merchandise based off of his innovative marketing structure. Sean John Enterprises have been instrumental in increasing Macy’s annual revenue stream over the last decade and continues to double numbers each year. Diddy also revealed his newest fragrance at the retailer and is confident his Sean John Forever cologne will generate high numbers this fall.

“It’s the epitome of Sean Jean. It’s clean, strong, sophisticated and the bottom line is that when you get in the elevator people are going to ask you what you have on and they’re going to tell you that you smell good. That is the overall result when I put out a fragrance,” he says.

Establishing trust

The transitions are endless when being a part of a long-term business partnership and are sure to be full of ups and downs. Luckily for Combs, his collaboration with Macy’s has been a lucrative success. “They trust my vision and never doubted my team to get the job done. We also feel the same way on our end. Transparency is the key establishing trust. I’m fortunate and very proud of it. Launching it with Macy’s, who’s been our partner for 15 years, and it’s been a blessing to be a part of it,” he says.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Combs has continuously reinforced the saying “Your team is as strong as the weakest link.” He acknowledges he wouldn’t be nearly as successful as he is without the help of his loyal staff and trusty business partner Jeff Tweedy, who has served as the president of Sean John since 2012. “I think Jeff Tweedy understands the importance of relationships and when you have a partner it’s about supporting each other through the good times and through the bad times. We’ve been there for each other lock-step through our ups and downs,” he says.

Understanding the brand

Jeff Gennette, Macy’s president, has a complete understanding of the Sean John aesthetic and has an appreciation for the creative direction the brand has taken. The line is very trend-focused yet still contains classic pieces. Having a keen sense of the Sean John’s brand concepts has helped Macy’s implement marketing strategies to ensure longevity between the two franchises. “You have to look right now I’m in between Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Levi’s and you have Sean John. That is a true testament to our partnership and the longevity based on the hard work of our team,” he says.

The universal customer
Macy’s and Sean John cohesively promote and sell lifestyle products that are fitting for customers from all walks of life. No matter the age, gender or nationality, both brands have something for everyone. “Our customer is universal. They are people who like great products. The brand is starting to become more a part of their lives. It started with Sean John fashion, Unforgivable, I am King, 3AM and now we’re here with Sean John Forever,” he says.

Sean John executive Jeff Tweedy explains how loyalty pays off

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