Lose pounds, get fit with Pierre Vinson and GIVE Fitness team

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Pierre Vinson (Photo credit: GIVE Fitness)

It seems as if nowadays, people aren’t just exercising to stay fit, but working out and losing weight has become a trend. There are many celebrity and Instagram stars that incite people to have new, outrageous “body goals.” The question is, how do you achieve those “body goals?”

Rolling out spoke with Detroit personal trainer Pierre Vinson to get the answer to that question.

What is the name of your fitness company and when did you start your business?
My company is called GIVE Fitness and I started September of 2011.

What inspired you to start your business?
I believe in taking your talents and using it to be useful to others. I was an All-American sprinter for CMU and [I had a] degree in exercise science, so my first instinct was to find a way to use it. I mixed intensity with education to create the best experience possible for people.

Where is your gym located?
We have two locations; one is located at 200 Mt Elliott in Detroit and the other in Ferndale, [Michigan], at 368 Hilton Rd.

What do you focus on with clients?
We create customized workout programs using heart rate monitoring technology. With that technology, we are able to get the most out of the workout with little risk of overdoing it. Not only do we focus on weight-loss, inches, and body fat, we like to work on body image. Body appreciation is important; if you are hunting for an ideal, you’ll never be satisfied.

What are your views on waist trainers, diet pills, surgery, etc.? Do they work?
I think the questions about the waist trainers, sauna suits, pills, etc., is not about if they work, but do you have a plan afterward. If your eating habits a bad, you’re inactive and stressed — stress causes weight gain — then you’ll put the weight back on.

Why is exercise important?
Exercise reduces the chance of preventable disease — high BP, high cholesterol, etc. —improves energy and mood, and, of course, reduces body fat! We were not meant to be still; your body will rot if it is not active.

What are a few workout suggestions you have and what part of the body do they work?
So the motions we do most of the time is push, pull, sit down/get up, sit up, and walk/step up. If we neglect our bodies when we get older these things become harder and harder to do. Here are a few moves that could help with that:

Squats – work the thighs and glutes
Push-ups/ modified push-ups –  work the triceps and chest
Bent over row – works the biceps and lats

If you do these exercises along with cardio, good eating, and consistency, you will drop weight and tone the body.

What are some healthy food choices?
First start by eliminating the obviously bad things first: fast food, fried food, pop, alcohol, and junk food. Then you want to make sure you eat three meals per day with snacks in between. Baked or grilled chicken along with fish are great protein sources along with some veggies and some brown rice — you can’t go wrong!

How many times a week should you work out and for how long?
I stress getting started is far more important than anything else! People often do too much too soon and get discouraged, so I stress baby steps and forming habits. After you’ve established a routine you’re looking for 30-60 minutes per day, 4-5 days per week depending on the intensity.

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