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Artist to watch: Meet Georgia native DayWlk

Photo Credit: Daywlk

Photo courtesy of KAYWLJ


Who knew switching schools could land artist and Rome, GA native DAYWLK into our “Artist to Watch” category. At 12 years old, DAYWLK fell in love with music and hip hop. “I changed schools from the county to the city. Before then, I never saw people tap out beats on lunch tables and rap without writing anything down… that, coupled with an emerging interest in studying ’90’s & early 2000’s hip hop, really brought me in,” he said.

After trying to figure out what to call himself and his movement, DAYWLK launched his own label. CURE Sounds was created to release new music, creative content, and spread his holistic messages. DAYWLK is a firm believer in love, humanity and evolution. “These 3 things somewhat define these kind of focal points for what inspires me to do what I do. I’m inspired by this idea of unconditional love. In regards to each other, to ourselves, and for God. Which influences my perception of humanity. me, love being a quality of man that can be further cultivated, nourished. Evolution is an attempt to describe things I don’t fully understand yet.”

Not only is Daywlk making his fans think while listening to his songs, but he also catches fans attention with his intriguing visuals too. “I basically shoot on spot with the inspiration being whatever vibe I get from the location,” he told us. With easily being labeled as a conscious rapper, Daywlk describes his sound as “earthy, fresh, and interstellar.”

Even in his recent video Sacred, which deals with life problems such as self love and alcoholism, he wanted to make sure there was a message. “It embodied this internal struggle but awareness and existence. Trying to cope with what you see in your head with what you see outside of your head,” he said.

Furthermore, with feeling good about being featured as an “Artist to Watch”, Daywlk told us that he wants to continue traveling, performing at shows, collaborating with some of the world’s most talented artists, and most importantly, living out his dreams.

Make sure you follow Daywlk on all social media platforms @daywlk. Also, watch out for his first album set to drop early 2017! For now check out his latest projects below!