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Funny: Millennials react to Clinton, Trump debate on social media

After watching the #debatenight see yaa ??

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Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met at Hofstra University in New York on Monday night, Sept. 26, 2016, for the first one-on-one debate leading up the November election in their race for the White House. Voters, particularly millennials are in despair because they don’t believe in either of the candidates. Even though Twitter is only 10-years-old, this debate is being touted as the most tweeted about political event in Twitter’s history. Today is Google’s 18th birthday, perhaps this election will break a Google history feat by the time this election is over. Social media users mocked Trump, 70, who clearly never ever could be sick the way he mocked Clinton for having pneumonia did not have a cold, but he sniffled during the debate and was mocked using the hashtag #Trumpsniffles.