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Keith Scott had history of erratic behavior?

Keith Lamont Scott (Facebook)
Keith Lamont Scott (Facebook)

Many people are up in arms over the killing of Keith Lamont Scott in  Charlotte, North Carolina, and some would say justifiably. However, more information is coming out regarding the behavior of Scott at the time of the incident and his past behavior. Some would call this victimization, while others steadfastly claim that there is a rush to judgment against the officer who killed Scott. It has been alleged that Scott was rolling a marijuana cigarette when police confronted him in his car and claimed he had a weapon. His wife stated that Scott had a traumatic brain injury and had just taken his medicine and was no threat. However, new information about Scott can’t be ignored and this information comes from his wife.

It has been revealed that in October 2015, a restraining order was filed against Scott by his wife over a domestic violence incident by NBC news. In that request, his wife Rakeyia Scott wrote, “He hit my 8-year-old in the head a total of three times with his fist,” and “he kicked me and threaten[ed] to kill us last night with his gun … He said he is a killer and we should know that.”

The order further stated that his wife felt that law enforcement should consider the defendant a potential threat and he carried a 9mm handgun.  Rakeyia Scott dropped her restraining order request 11 days later but other disturbing aspects of Keith Scott’s behavior have been revealed. He had encounters with law enforcement that resulted in charges of assault with a deadly weapon in the Gaston, North Carolina, area. In addition, he served eight years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and evading arrest in Texas over a violent encounter. Scott’s attorney for his Texas case says he shot a man he believed was threatening his family.

Gun recovered by police at the scene of the Keith Scott shooting (Photo Source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)
Gun recovered by police at the scene of the Keith Scott shooting (Photo source: Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police)

Recently police sources have stated that Scott was in possession of a stolen handgun when he was fatally shot by a police officer. According to police sources, an unidentified burglar claims he stole the gun during a home robbery at an unspecified date before the shooting. The man also claims that he sold the stolen weapon to Scott.  Police have not released any information about the man accused of stealing the gun or how or when he sold it to Scott. A police source confirmed to media that the gun reportedly found near Scott’s body had his fingerprints, DNA and blood on it and was loaded.

It should be noted that there was no way for cops on the scene to know of Scott’s prior criminal history when he was shot and killed. But Scott’s past behavior will undoubtedly take center stage when police try to justify his shooting.

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