Virginia women work to keep police accountable, transparent

Photo credit: Facebook - Shakeva Frazier
Photo credit: Facebook – Shakeva Frazier

Once an addiction-snared woman, Shakeva Frazier was inspired by her great-grandmother’s dying wish for her to regain custody of her children and raise them in the church. The mother of four confessed to her children at the time she felt like a disappointment and just wanted to die. However, the request made by her great-grandmother, and the encouragement of her kids gave Frazier the strength to cease using drugs and cigarettes in just two months. She didn’t go through rehab or follow a special 12-step program, so she wanted to share with others the hope that fueled her success.

Frazier developed a “Kick It With Jesus” outreach ministry through her church. She shares her story passionately and, allows others to share theirs, to help those dealing with serious addictions.

That was several years ago, and Frazier is still going strong.

Today, she continues her positive activism in the city in which she grew up. Most recently Frazier and community activist Ebony B. Guy have been working to raise awareness of some questionable behavior by Danville police. Officers have recently started propping their car hoods up during traffic stops, and Frazier is imploring the community to “push the issue as to why the Danville, Virginia, police dept.. has permission to lift their hoods, which covers up the camera view, during a stop,” according to her widely shared statement.
Photo credit: Facebook - Shakeva Frazier

In the past, Guy has played a key role in initiatives bringing the police department and the community together, and she hopes to do the same to resolve this latest issue. Guy says Danville City Police Chief Philip Broadfoot was questioned about the raised hoods on police vehicles two weeks ago, during a community forum. His response reportedly raised concerns for many in attendance.

“We were told raised hoods on the vehicles is a cooling method; meanwhile, this method blocks dashboard cameras, the very tool needed to protect the citizens of Danville, as well as our officers,” Guy said.

Members of the community have asked for as much transparency as possible.

“Injustices have been happening in this city for so many years, but given what we are seeing nationwide,” said Frazier. “We need those cameras to be on and have [a] clear view at all times.”

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