5 morning habits that can change your entire day

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Does it seem as though your days are not as productive as they should be? Do you feel that you could be missing out on something? Waking up and jumping into the flow of things may not give your body the time to catch up. It definitely does not give you the time to appreciate the day and all the great things it may bring. The answer to getting you over those feelings is to start your day off better than you have been doing.

Incorporate these morning practices below and see how your entire day may change for the better.

Feel your body

(Well, not literally.) Instead of hopping right out of bed when your alarm rings, try stretching first. You can even stay in bed. Take a few moments to move your neck, arms and legs around. Envision life and positivity flowing throughout your body.

Say affirmations

Whether you say two words or a full sentence, speaking positive things over your life as if they were can make you feel better about them coming true. Just remember, what you give to the universe, the universe will give to you.


Grabbing your favorite book or magazine and reading in the morning can get your day going! You will exercise your brain and have your creative juices flowing before you even step into your office.


If you really want to find your balance and start your day off right, then meditation is one thing you should start doing. It may be hard to focus at first but watching YouTube videos and even checking out meditation guru Shelah Marie, will help you hone your skills.


Taking the time to be still, quiet and give thanks can be all one needs to set the tone for a positive day. Pray for peace throughout your day, determination and focus. You can even add your affirmations in your prayer along with a few thank-yous for seeing another day.

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