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DJ Sense speaks about being label president of Generation Now Ent.

Photo Credit: DJ Sense

Photo Credit: DJ Sense

DJ Sense has been creating waves in the music industry for years. Now the president of Generation Now Ent., the roster includes Lil’ Uzi Vert, DJ Drama, Skeme Lyquinn, and Dope by Accident. Sense is the tour manager for platinum selling artist Lil’ Jon, a partner in Mean St. Studios in Atlanta, and DJ for Shade 45 Friday nights, 8 p.m. to midnight.

We had a chance to speak with DJ Sense to find out more about his creative processes, inspiration, and his methods to pushing creativity.

When did you discover that you could be both a creative and business executive?
Well, I honestly always felt I had special gifts, and I’ve always gravitated towards creative activities. I could draw artistically really well as a child, so my mother put me in programs to enhance my creative passion. As a teenager, I became a DJ, and started making money almost immediately when I realized that I had a gift in this world. Post-collegiate life brought ups and downs and those trials taught me how to negotiate what I wanted, and gave me a glimpse of what took place behind the scenes. After so many people asked for my advice beyond being a DJ, it was at that moment I realized the executive route would be best for me.

What are three highlights in your journey, thus far?
The biggest highlight in my journey so far is becoming a paid DJ. When I moved to Atlanta to go to Clark Atlanta University, it was a time when Atlanta had begun blossoming and becoming a pillar in the music industry. The last highlight would be meeting my friends who would become my business partners in the journey to making history.

What inspires you?
I’m truly inspired by God’s blessing, as well as witnessing others turning their dreams into reality proving that if you work at it, things can truly happen.


Photo Credit: DJ Sense

What motivates your creativity to develop and execute grand ideas?
I’m mostly motivated and inspired by the journey of meeting new people, and traveling the world. I’ve spent time with very successful people and they all share different cultures and experiences. Those interactions give me the confidence and strength to reach new heights.

How do you communicate your creative vision with people who collaborate with you?
Well, I typically try to find a space where whoever or whatever I am involved with can grow or improve. I like to analyze where they are in their creative vision and present them with an idea that will improve on areas that may need help more than others.

How do you push your creative limits?
I am constantly in a mindset where I challenge and force myself to be uncomfortable but faithful. I tend to constantly deliver rather than worry about results, and concern myself with the effort and journey. More likely than not, with good preparation the result will be positive.

What recognition or award would you like to receive?
The ultimate recognition to me would be a Lifetime Achievement award that embodies the whole book and not just a chapter of my life.

If you could collaborate with two creatives in any field, who would it be and why?
I would have loved to collaborate with Steve Jobs because he changed the world in technology. Next would be Barack Obama because he led our country through immense adversity. Just imagine the education and information you could receive from these leaders.


Photo Courtesy of DJ Sense

Finish these sentences:
Creativity Begins when…
When you apply your idea into physical form, where planning meets action.

The response to my craft is…
To do God’s work and affect the world to ignite change within it.

My Legacy will be…
To be one of the greats that created for others.

The goal for Generation Now Ent. is to continue to provide a platform for the new, and next creative and innovative minds to cultivate a fast moving culture. As an entrepreneur and CEO, DJ Sense has been able to pioneer creativity within himself and those around him through his work, constantly pushing the envelope of how far one can creatively grow.

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