Chicago doctor admits giving kids vaccines made with cat saliva and vodka

(Photo Source: Shutterstock)
(Photo Source: Shutterstock)

A doctor in Chicago has had his medical license suspended in an emergency action by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The move was made “in the interest of public safety” after it was discovered he was making alternate vaccines for children. Investigators were tipped off by other medical providers that children were being given  “unapproved oral versions of childhood shots” by Dr. Ming Te Lin. When they went to Lin’s office, they described it as being cluttered and dirty and found “a box filled with vials and tubes.”

Lin admitted that he was using the material to make his own versions of vaccines but what he put in these vaccines is shocking. He stated that he not only added vodka to his vaccines but also cat saliva to treat children with allergies. As a twisted note for concern, Lin stated that his vaccines were mercury-free since he used a device called a “WaveFront 2000” for detoxification of the substance. According to Lin, he had been creating vaccines for 10 years and office records indicated a patient, a 7-day-old infant, was one recipient. Lin is accused of signing state forms certifying he had given pediatric patients their required vaccinations. Lin stated that he would give his vaccines orally or in a nasal form if the patient or a family member had a history of autism, eczema or neurological disorder. None of his methods are approved by the FDA or regarded as a legitimate practice of medicine.

The mad scientist/doctor will make an appearance before the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board on October 11, 2016. It is not known if any of his patients were injured by Lin’s practice and messages to his office were not returned.

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